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Social security in the Member States of European Union
The aim of the diploma thesis is to compare the social security in the member states of the European Union and to find groups of states with similar features and similar position of social contributions in their tax systems. The social security system is an important revenue and expenditure component of public budgets and the state can realize social policy through it. Social security is accepted differently within EU countries and is often related to a country's historical status and traditions. The theoretical part describes social security and social contributions in the Czech Republic and the coordination of social contributions within the European Union. The Ward method of cluster analysis, which is used in the work for groupings of states with similar social contributions characteristics, is described in the next part of the work. The analysis is realized on the basis of selected social contribution indicators for 2009 and 2019 and compares the grouping of states in individual year and at the same time compares the total development of social contributions between these years. The net social contribution indicators used for the analysis were taken from the European Union Statistical Office database (Eurostat).
Records and Inventory Management in a Manufacturing Company
Inventories are very important for manufacturing company because the operations with inventories belong to key activities. These companies into inventories insert a large amount of funds and every wrong activity causes a loss of these funds. The objective of the bachelor thesis is to evaluate inventory management in a manufacturing company and find the optimal solution. In this work, there is specified the term inventories and are described the activities related to inventories for example accounting for inventories, valuation of inventories and inventory management. Within determining the optimal situation particular formulae and different inventory management methods are used and compared as well. The bachelor thesis is focused on inventory management in manufacturing company which is a manufacturer of modern headlamps. The proposed changes that make inventory management more efficient are the result of the work.