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The analysis of growing system of fodder crops for fodder and energetical biomasss production in selected farm
FUČÍK, Karel
The bachelor thesis deals with selected agricultural crops for fodder and energy-energy purposes on the selected farm. The thesis deals with the evaluation of yields and analysis of forage cropping systems on arable land, where the main crop is maize (Zea mays), and also focuses on permanent grassland. The arable land was grassed with a permanent clover-grass mixture consisting of 7 grass species and 1 clover spe-cies. The main aim of my chosen bachelor thesis was to evaluate the development and harvesting of forage stands on both arable land and stands belonging to the TTP, then to evaluate their yield and also to focus on the assessment of plant composition. The plot where the restoration and sowing with clover-grass mixtures took place was also monitored. The chapter evaluating the results of the permanent grassland (TTP) includes an as-sessment of the three selected plots where the distribution of individual clover and grasses was monitored. At the same time, the thesis also focuses on the evaluation of the arable land treatment and the condition of the stands where maize (Zea mays) is grown for feed and energy purposes. The main indicators monitored are soil prepara-tion, sowing style, nutrition and, last but not least, harvesting with yield.
Creating a computational model for stress-strain analysis of parts of generator
Sedláček, Radek ; Fučík, Karel (referee) ; Návrat, Tomáš (advisor)
This thesis focuses on creating of a computational model for stress-strain analysis of parts of a generator. Computational model is parametric and it allows use of various geometric variants of the shaft and rotor lamination. Parametric computational model in APLD language is compiled in the attached sheet of software MS Excel after entering input values. After solving in software ANSYS 14.5 are results imported into MS Excel sheet for further post processing.