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On the Paths (t)o(f) SpeechTo Foundations of Psychotherapeutic Care in the Perspectives of Daseinsanalysis
Králíčková, Tereza ; Pauza, Miroslav (advisor) ; Kalábová, Helena (referee) ; Slaninka, Michal (referee)
Submitted thesis On the Paths (t)o(f) Speech with subtitle To Foundations of Psychotherapeutic Care in the Perspectives of Daseinsanalysis deals with the phenomenon of speech as pivotal and obvious precondition, which supports the psychotherapeutic care. It is based on the general definition of psychotherapy as treatment of mental health problems using speech (words, conversation) and from the identification of a human as zoon logon echon. Because of that the exploration of speech is also the path of self-exploration. By following the legacy of words of other authors, etymological and historical interpretation of the selected terms (psyche, mythos, logos etc.) and own reflected experience, the text brings its reader to preview why the speech is the essential constitutive moment of his multilayered humanity. The view emphasizes the unity of human nature as a whole, which is, in its possibilities, opened to explore and experience of the world and yourself in both its obvious and hidden levels. Based on dichotomy of obvious and hidden foundations the submitted thesis expands the concept of speech as pure human talking and sharing to the problematic of the meaningful manifestation of the world, which is presented as a kind of dialog (the act of addressing and responding). By advancing on the path and...

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