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Omalovánky Jihomoravského muzea ve Znojmě: Maluj, hádej, poznávej, po Znojmě se rozhlížej
Mažárová, Monika ; Mojžíšová, Veronika
Devět nejvýznamnějších architektonických památek Znojma s tajenkou a popisem
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Venkov a kulturní dědictví na příkladu Jihomoravského kraje
Plevová, Marie
My diploma thesis is focused on classifying and synthesizing the cultural heritage of the countryside in the South Moravian Region (Czech Republic). I started with evaluating the existing secondary literature, then I proceeded to field-research and photodocumentation, and I tried to get some additional information about the cultural heritage of the countryside. In the analyzed region, there are a lot of objects and places that are part of the cultural heritage, but they are scattered throughout the whole territory. In the practical part of my thesis I compared the cultural heritage in two villages, namely Lednice and Dolní Kounice.Finally, I pondered the possibilities of using this cultural heritage for development of the countryside itself.

Burjan Osovsky´s (+1563) gravestone set in a wall with a portrayal of the painter Mikulas Krk
Hlobil, Ivo
The paper draws attention to the gravestone of a Moravian aristocrat Burjan Osovsky (+1563), which is part of a collection of the West-Moravian Museum in Trebic. It is further stated that the inclusion of a portrayal of the maker in the gravestone, a sculptor Mikulas Krk, is rare.

The Ladislav Lábek and Zdeněk Wirth - friendship and cooperation
The Diploma work compares two life stories of friendship and cooperation of a museologist and founder of museum ?Národopisné muzeum Plzeňska? Ladislav Lábek from Pilsen (1882?1970) and his friend a historian of art Zdeněk Wirth from Vysoké Mýto (1878?1961). The first chapter after introduction is about personal and professional life of Ladislav Lábek. The chapter tells his life´s story from his birth to the beginnig of the ?First World War?. The next chapter is about the life story of Zdeněk Wirth in the same time period. The chapter number four is about first Labek´s and Wirth´s projects when their started their big cooperation and relationship which (1911?1961) when Zdeněk Wirth died. In this chapter we can find some main institutions like ?Klub Za starou Prahu? or ?Kroužek přátel starožitností v Plzni? that helped Lábek and Wirth to save many historical memories in Pilsen and thanks them they both found future friends and collegues. The chapter number five is about life, work and cooperation of Lábek and Wirth in the ?World War the First? when they fought on the fields of ?Eastern front? but they both still worked on their projects from the museum´s and monument preservation area. The next chapter is about one of the most interesting years of Lábek and Wirth, which were between two world wars when they helped to constitute museum´s organization and monument preservation during the beginning of the Czechoslovak Republic. In this time period Lábek and Wirth wrote many interesting historical titles that have been still updated. They both also hepled each other with their life proffesional and family projects. The next chapter is about life of Wirth and Lábek during the ?World War the Second?, about lifes of their families, work and their revolt against nacistic occupation. In the last two chapters we can read about life periods of Lábek and Wirth after the ?World War the Second? and time periods after fatal year 1948 in Czechoslovakia. Chapter is ended by the death of both personalities. In the last chapters we can find the summary of diploma work, the summary of literature and sources, the edition of 23 interesting letters between Lábek and Wirth and also some visual supplements.

Czech Gothic art and its importance for human development
ŠTOCHL, Michal
This bachelor thesis describes fine Arts in the czech lands during the gothic period. It represents the evolution of this art and to point out the possible development of personality through art. The first chapter focuses on the historical events in gothic in the czech lands. The second chapter deals with the actual art and refers to the inner world of artists and the rest of the population. The third chapter describes the development of art in the czech lands. It represents a large number of generated sites and gives rise to their historical context. The fourth and final chapter points to the importance of art education for children and interpretation of symbolic values.

Czech Baroque Art-The Hospital Kuks
The diploma thesis deals with lives and masterpieces of the most important baroque artists and architectures. There are also descriptions of their works. The practical part of the thesis deals with the Kuks' area, the hospitál and spa, its historical, artistic and practical value. Lives of patients and nurses are also mentioned as well as the present-day situation of the Kuks' area and nearby Christian crib. There is a reference to F. A. Špork. He was an important man of that time who supported artists and gave an order for the project of Kuks' area.

Role of cultural monuments in the regional development
Hejhalová, Jitka ; Kment, Petr (advisor) ; Petr, Jakub (referee)
The theme of the submitted thesis is The role of cultural monuments in the regional development. It deals specifically with the role of the Chodsko Museum as a cultural and educational institution in Chodsko.At the beginning, there are introduced the basic theoretical points of departure, which relate these concepts: culture, cultural heritage and regional development. Following there is the description of the role of municipalities in protecting of cultural monuments, cultural tourism and implementation of marketing in cultural monuments and institutions. The theoretical part is followed by the practical part. At the beginning, there is introduced the mentioned region Chodsko from geographical, cultural and historical perspective. Then it goes on practical part, dealing with the concrete monument, thus the Chodsko Museum, a description of its activities and used marketing activities. An important source of information to processing the practical part there are unstandardized interviews with some relevant actors, who deal with the cooperation with the Chodsko Museum in the field of culture and education. The last part is devoted to the evaluation of results and proposing of measures to the more visibility and the attendance incresing in the Chodsko Museum and fulfilling its role as the the cultural and educational institution in Chodsko region.

Development of settlement in Krems basin with emphasis on material sources from high middle ages until early modern period
HAMAN, Jaroslav
This work analyzes the development of settlement in Krems basin and it is mainly focused on the period of medieval colonization and on early modern period. The description of the development of settlement in explored district is based on written documents, geographical data, toponymy and it is especially based on archeological sources. This work is the synthesis of researches which were made by South-Bohemian Museum in České Budějovice, Regional Museum in Český Krumlov and surface collection of J. Polách. Appendices: Maps,catalogue, layout and photographical documentation of immovable archeological monuments, drawings and photography of finds, etc.

Analysis of tourism in the town Telč
The bachelor's thesis deals with tourism in the town Telč. The main aim of this work is based on analysis and complex evaluation of development of tourist industry in the town Telč. Next the work deals with analysis of assumptions of development of tourist industry in town Telč, evaluation of existing development of tourist industry and last but not least define needs of enterpreneurs and users of tourist industry. Introductory chapters deals with general definition of tourist industry. The work deals with definition and description of the most important cultural sights or cultural and sporting events which is take place in Telč. Survey contained in the bachelor's thesis deals not only with defining of needs in area of tourist industry from the point of view of enterpreneurs who conduct their bussines in area of accomodation, eating and restaurant services but also from the point of view of tourists who decide to visit Telč.