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Rights and duties of insurance holders moving inside EU with focus on general health insurance
Rights and duties of insurance holders moving inside EU with focus on general health insurance The Czech Republic became a member state of the European Union on 1 May 2004. The EU members decided to cooperative in the fields of economy and policy and form a multinational partnership beneficial for all member states. The EU integration measures have affected the national health care systems. Joining the Europen Union, numerous changes have been done in the system of public health care in the Czech Republic. The changes are both important and helpful for all beneficiaries. The beneficiaries of the EU member states are only insured under public health scheme of one country. So travelling abroad, people should know the basic measures of their national health care policy. The Bachelor thesis is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical. Based on the literature available, the theoretical part is aimed at compiling information on medical care which is provided to Czech residents while in other countries of the European Union. Free movement of people represents elimination of all obstacles between the countries. In addition, this part deals with Czech beneficiaries and their access to planned medical care within the EU countries. The aim of the practical part was to find out if Czech beneficiaries are aware enough of legislation related. Two hypotheses were stated to fulfil the research goal. To find out all necessary data, the technique of asking questions at random choice was run from 1 October 2009 to 31 January 2010 in South Bohemia. The research group of people consisted of 266 respondents, men and women, aged 20-60 years. The data obtained from the survey show sufficient respondents´ knowledge of their rights to emergency medical care while staying in the EU countries, the use of the European health insurance card and the obligation to pay the medical care copayment. However, they are hardly aware of claiming their rights to planned medical care. The findings of the Bachelor thesis may serve as an adequate source of information for secondary school and university students, the staff of health care facilities and health insurance companies and general public as well.

Clothes do much to make a man, vegetation does a landscape
Prach, Karel
Importance of vegetation in a landscape, its ecological functioning, changes under human impact, and possibilities for restoration of disturbed vegetation cover are briefly discussed. The paper is more the style of essay than of scientfic character.

Epidemiology of viral hepatitis E
To write this thesis, I chose a topic related to viral hepatitis E. In my opinion, this topic is clearly highly topical and the issue of VHE will be increasingly discussed in the future. Viral hepatitis are in general frequent diseases in developed countries, as well as in the Czech Republic. Nowadays there are known 5 types of hepatitis that to a greater or lesser extent occur in the population. In the Current Status section I will acquaint the reader with the basic anatomical and physiological patterns of functions and structures of the liver tissue, because viral hepatitis - as the name suggests - affects hepatocytes, thus the liver cells. Furthermore, I described from the literature all types of viral hepatitis and introduced differences which occur between them. In particular, I focused intensely on hepatitis E. Before writing this thesis I have identified several hypotheses and objectives. H1: The overall morbidity of VHE for the period 2000-2010 in the Czech Republic is comparable with morbidity in other European countries during the same period. H2: In the Czech Republic, the case of an infection of VHE is more of an occupational disease. From the available literature it was determined that the incidence of VHE in Europe is increasing. The literature also introduced several known cases of occupational disease of VHE for professionals working with pork or pigs and veterinarians, but these cases are rather sporadic. Thus, hypothesis 2 was not confirmed. In my thesis I have also determined a few objectives. Objective 1: To provide an overview of the prevalence of VHE for the period of 2000-2010 in Europe and in the Czech Republic and to determine whether the patterns of the spread of VHE differ in the Czech Republic and in Europe. Objective 2: To determine whether the case of viral hepatitis E in the Czech Republic is a greater occurrence as an occupational illness or a disease with a traveling history. Objective 3: To evaluate the efficacy of preventive and anti-epidemic measures which are applied as a protection against the infection with hepatitis E. The overview of the incidence of infection is presented in tables and graphs in the chapter Results, part of it is listed in the chapter Attachments. Scientific researches of VHE are still basically in the world and in Europe at their beginning. From the literature, I found that not only in Czech Republic but also in other European countries, the VHE is more abundant. Currently it is not known much unambiguous information that would lead to improved effectiveness transmission prevention of VHE in developed countries. Increase in incidence of VHE is here attributed to more frequent examinations of chronic liver disease, thorough diagnosis of drug-induced liver failure and other diseases whose cause has not been definitely clarified. Until recently, the idea of VHE infection amongst patients with no history of traveling was almost taboo. Only further research in this area may help us to better understand the disease and to ensure the prevention, diagnosis and specific treatment. In the meantime, we should follow the precautionary principle.

The Social Services For The Visualy Impaired People
The thesis is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical one. The theory of the thesis deals with the following topics: The first important topics include the definition and classification of visual impairment. In the chapter entitled Social integration the terms integration and inclusion are defined, the acceptance of a disadvantage person by the family is discussed, but also compensation by other senses, especially touch and hearing, the nature of which is essential to the life of a visually impaired person, is described. Next, the integration is divided in terms of personal and social integration, but also in terms of the following models: environmental, medical, anthropological and social pathological. The topic of social rehabilitation of the visually impaired is focused on objectives, principles and programs of social rehabilitation. The programs of social rehabilitation include the Program for overcoming the information deficit and Programs for the development of independence. The subject of social services is concentrated on the definition of social services, as well as on other information, including more facts about competences and requirements for a social worker, social services under the Act 108/2006 Coll. The next section is focused on the non-profit sector, fundraising opportunities and organizations providing services and retraining for visually impaired users. In the last section volunteering is defined and it is also mentioned who can perform this activity and the demanded character of a volunteer and his coordinator.

Bio-Solar Houses as part of nature – garden or landscape
Janourková, Tereza ; Kunt, Miroslav (advisor) ; Filip, Filip (referee)
Content of diploma project is primarily theme of natural buildings. It is complex subject of materials, technologies, environmental conditions and most of all integration into the landscape knowledges. Manmade living spaces that respect the laws of nature and friendly approach to the environment, maybe so called as Bio Houses. Surname Bio Solar Houses are named those with maximal use of solar energy. Part of this project is overview of various types of natural buildings, possibilities of using natural materials and approaches to the use of solar power. Own design presents study of the family earth house and garden project of a plot. For project was selected building side in a calm location of Prague Troja. This sloping plot is oriented at South so it gives the best conditions for this building concept. The house benefits from all positives of the earth buildings. Mainly perfect thermal insulation and acoustics properties, which are connected with saving energy. There is moreover interior accumulative wall, which increases heat gains during the winter season. Ventilation system, heating and cooling use vertical ground heat pump and ground heat exchanger. Hot water is prepared by Solar panels with support of photovoltaic system. Rain water is collected for further use. Garden reflects the character of family house, natural conditions of the place and the purpose of use. It is designed for relaxation, active leisure time and for utility. Important role plays a psychological effect coming from choice of elements, especially small garden architecture, materials, tree planting, perennials and interactions of overall composition. The plot has complex design with use of natural environmental properties to create space for living. According to the laws of nature garden never serves only for humans, it is also home for many representatives of small animals and vegetation.

Estimation of potential output and the output gap in the Czech Republic
Hájek, Mojmír ; Bezděk, Vladimír
This study first describes two methods for estimating potential output and the resulting estimate of the output gap. It is a smoothing real GDP using the Hodrick-Prescott filter and use production function.
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Ekologie a početnost populace volavky popelavé (Ardea cinerea) v Moravskoslezském kraji. Hnízdní kolonie volavky popelavé v Karviné-Dolech
Slezská ornitologická společnost, Ostrava ; Mandák, Martin ; Polášek, Zdeněk
Volavka popelavá Ardea cinerea Linnaeus, 1758 z řádu brodiví (Ciconiiformes) a čeledi volavkovití (Ardeidae) je nejen v České republice pronásledovaným ptačím druhem. Trvalé a pravidelné hnízdění se u nás datuje až od 30. let minulého století. V současné době je volavka pravidelně hnízdícím druhem s rostoucím trendem početnosti. Právě tento fakt spolu se spektrem potravy (jedná se o převážně ichtyofágní druh) jsou příčinou stížností jak ze strany rybochovných organizací a firem, tak i Českého rybářského svazu. Nakolik jsou stížnosti oprávněné, lze vyhodnotit pouze porovnáním předmětu stížnosti s výsledky konkrétního průzkumu na dané lokalitě. Úkolem předkládané studie bylo podat komplexnější obraz o situaci s výskytem druhu v Moravskoslezském kraji a pokusit se podat základní obraz o rybách, tvořících složku potravy v konkrétní hnízdní kolonii. Součástí studie je vyhodnocení distribuce a početnosti výskytu a jejich změn na hnízdištích v kraji, pravidelné sledování výskytu druhu na vybraných rybničních lokalitách a porovnání distribuce a početnosti výskytu v hnízdním a mimohnízdním období na území Moravskoslezského kraje. Cílem práce bylo také vyhodnotit vyvrženou potravu a vývržky nalezené na hnízdních koloniích a předložit návrhy možností ochrany ryb před tímto druhem. Studie je navíc doplněna o nesystematicky získaná data o výskytu volavek z jiných, než pravidelně sledovaných lokalit v kraji.

Report on Financial Stability 2006
Česká národní banka
Report, which is mandated by the law in force since 2006, deals with the development of the financial market in the Czech Republic and abroad, of the status of non-banking institutions and households in conjunction with the finance organizations. It then focuses on the real estate market, and one chapter is devoted to the financial institutions of the banking and non-banking sector. It contains four articles on the issue of financial stability.
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Dignostika varroózy a možnosti selekce včely medonosné na varroatoleranci
Lukášek, Dominik
This work deals with the varroose of honey bees, its Diagnostics, control and the possibility of the formation of the natural resistance of the beehives. Here is described the evolution of mite and its weak spots in the reproduction. Then there are described the various methods of estimation of contamination by the presence of Varroa, including their benefits and pitfalls. Another part of the work is devoted to each of the factors responsible for the natural resistance of the hives to varroose. This is primarily about the active removal of contested the fetus. VSH behavior and active elimination of mites from their own bodies and hive environment known as grooming. Important is also the birthing colony mode and the ratio of worker bees and drone of the fetus. In the work are briefly characterized by chemical control measures, with an emphasis on organic acids. In the practical part of evaluating the fallout, washes off and sanitary tests carried out at University honey bee Apiary. The subsequent discussion deals with the utility of the individual methods Varroatolerance and estimate the adequacy of their use in practice.

Application of the method RFLP PCR , PCR ARMS and reverse hybridization for detecting the most common thrombophilic mutations in the Czech population
Recently the term thrombophilia is becoming a current topic. It is an increased precondition for the creation of tromboses and the following complications as the result of increased blood coagulation which could be very serious or even fatal. A timely diagnosis of thrombophilia mutations helps patients to avoid many critical situations (e.g. in case of operations, pregnancy etc.). In these days there are at least 30 genetic laboratories in the Czech Republic which research thrombophilia mutations. Unfortunately this medical examination is covered by insurance companies just in case of indicated symptoms which are under strict criteria. If someone is interested in a medical examination and a doctor does not indicate him with the symptoms, they are forced to pay the examination on their own. There are a few insurance companies which contribute with some amount for these examinations as a part of their preventive programmes (e.g. Česká průmyslová zdravotní pojišťovna, Zdravotní pojišťovna ministerstva vnitra ČR or Zdravotní pojišťovnu Revírní bratrská pokladna). The aim of my bachelor thesis was a practical mastery RFLP-PCR method, PCR ARMS method and a reverse hybridization on strips to detect the most common mutations of thrombophilia in the population of the Czech Republic and deviloving on the issue. In the theoretical part, I focus on a description of the most important thrombophilic mutations in the Czech population and their risks. I also describe particular genetic methods by which each of thrombophilia mutations is being examined in genetic laboratories. My own results of the examination of four major thrombophilia mutations and polymorphs are shown in the practical part. These are the Leiden mutation, prothrombin mutation, MTHFR 1298 and MTHFR 677 polymorphs. For my examinations I used these genetic methods: RFLP-PCR method, PCR ARMS method, reverse hybridization on strips. I made all these methods in the genetic laboratory Genlabs in České Budějovice. For the examinations I used DNA samples of my family.