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Královehradecký a Pardubický kraj z pohledu podpory turismu v rámci PRV
Čechová, Barbora
This bachelor thesis focuses on the evaluation of support of rural tourism from the Rural Development Programme in the Hradec Králové region and Pardubice region. The theoretical part of the thesis includes literary research and explains basic terminology on the fields of tourism industry and rural tourism industry. The next chapter gives an insight into the specifics of the analysed areas from the viewpoint of its potential for the development of the tourism industry, determined by the area´s local and implementational preconditions. The work includes an overview of the financial support for this type of tourism from European funds. The applied part of the bachelor thesis consists of the main analysis of all EU-supported projects from the priority axis III., field of support 1.3 Encouragement of tourism activities. The individual projects are sorted by the type of beneficiary, the project´s focus and therefore it was necessary to define the standards for the determination of relevant projects, which follow the ideas of the rural tourism. Total amount of registered applications for grants in the period 2007 up 2013 was 59, but only 39 projects were relevant and approved. The established criteria of rural tourism have been fulfilled by only 25 projects. 19 projects fulfilled these criteria only partially.
Regionální diferenciace podpory cestovního ruchu na venkově prostřednictvím PRV: srovnání Plzeňského, Karlovarského, Ústeckého a Libereckého kraje
Šedivá, Lenka
The aim of the thesis is to evaluate the support of rural tourism from the Rural Development Programme 2007-2013 in four chosen regions - Plzeň Region, Karlovy Vary, Ústí nad Labem and Liberec Region. The theoretical part of the thesis includes the literature research concerning the issue of rural tourism, rural areas and discusses the importance of this specific form of tourism for rural development and its application, especially with regard to the analyzed territory and its natural and cultural-historical potential for the development of various forms of tourism. The next part of the thesis deals with the financial support of tourism through the European funds, with an emphasis on the Rural Development Program and its conditions, followed by the detailed analysis of the projects supported by Rural Development Programme 2007-2013, measure III. 1.3. The main objective of this part is to evaluate the projects in relation to rural tourism and to find answers to the questions whether the support was concentrated in tourist attractive areas or how the projects utilize the natural-cultural attractions of the given area. It also includes a more detailed assessment of the support of agritourism, eco-agritourism and hipotourism as specific forms of rural tourism.
Úloha místních akčních skupin v rozvoji venkova: Případová studie místní akční skupiny Společná cesta (Vyškovsko)
Adlerová, Lucie
Diploma thesis deals with the role of Local Action Groups in rural development. The main objective of this work is to evaluate this role and contribution of LAGs operations in rural areas based on case study of LAG Vyškovsko, z. s. Analysis of region, supported projects from IV. Leader axis and evaluation of the survey found out that LAG Vyškovsko, z. s. contributes to the advancement of rural area and improves local quality of life. Its role in rural development is unquestionable. Whether that applies in other LAGs must be investigated by further analyses. The conclusion discusses the idea of a consistent methodology for evaluating activities of LAGs which has not yet been written up.
Studie a projektová žádost o dotaci ze SZIF
Kotrčová, Markéta
This bachelor thesis deals with obtaining subsidy from Agricultural Intervention Fund to be used for a purchase of new technological equipment in company Mlýn Havlíčkův Brod, spol. s r. o. Grant application will be realized on the basis of programme document - Rural Development Programme. Practical part of the thesis also contains a description of problematic project points. The completed grant application form is stated in attachment of the thesis.
Analýza složení vegetace ve vybraných agroenvironmentálních opatřeních
Juřenová, Karolína
The thesis deals with the issue of the composition of the vegetation agri-environment-climate measures on agricultural land. The area of interest is defined in Agrodružstvo Morkovice. An analysis of vegetation composition was carried out using selected phytosociological relevés on selected bio-belts. The results of the analysis were then statistically analysed using multivariate analysis of ecological data. In total, 19 species of weeds and 7 species of sown crops were found in the framework of bio-belts. The most common weed species were: Chenopodium album, Amaranthus retroflexus, Setaria verticillata, Cirsium arvense, Equisetum arvense.
Posouzení dotačních možností vybraného podniku
This diploma thesis deals with the assessment of the subsidy possibilities of the selected company. The subsidy opportunities of the company will be evaluated with respect to the expected development of the company and the current subsidy conditions in the 2014-2020 programming period. Part of the topic is also an overview of operational programs and European subsidies. The characteristics of the selected enterprise were assessed, its specifics and its specific needs assessed. Subsequently an analysis of the investment policy and the current conditions of the operating subsidies was carried out. Based on this analysis, a specific project was funded through EU funds. Finally, an application for a grant was prepared for a specific operational program.
Evaluation of the Benefits of LAG for Regional Development
The name of this bachelor thesis is "Evaluation of the Activities Effects of the Regional Groups Supporting Regional Development". The main aim is to evaluate how the activities of the particular regional action groups, namely "MAS Sdružení růže, MAS Rozkvět and MAS Vodňanská ryba", contributed to the regional development. The analysis of the LAG's activities is mainly focused on areas related to the LAG's staffing, LAG promotion levels and LAG superstructure activities. The partial aim of the bachelor thesis is to determine the level of awareness of the population of activities of the LAG. The theoretical part deals with the definition of the basic terms e.g. region, regional policy, LEADER method and it provides essential information concerning local action groups. The practical part of the thesis involves basic description of the selected LAG. The following parts are dedicated to activities of all LAGs for each programming period. The next part is dedicated to the detailled description of the LAG staffing, LAG promotion and LAG superstructure activities. The aforemetioned data were obtained from publicly available sources which was supplemented by information obtained from the LAGs surveyed. The information needed for the partial goal of the thesis was identified through a questionnaire. The activity of these LAGs differs in each program period in the number of projects implemented and the amount of allocated funds. From this perspective, the most active was "MAS Sdružení Růže" and the least was "MAS Vodňanská ryba". The reason was unsupported strategy of "MAS Vodňanská ryba" in the past.
Agroturismus nebo jiné formy venkovského turismu? Analýza podpory cestovního ruchu na venkově prostřednictvím PRV
Drápalová, Monika
The thesis deals with the evaluation of tourism development, especially rural tourism, through the Rural Development Programme for selected areas of four regions South Moravia, Zlín, Olomouc and Vysočina. The theoretical part includes a literature research, a discussion of relevant concepts based on study of reference literature, the importance of tourism and rural tourism and their possibilities in terms of rural development. Moreover, the thesis focuses on the past and current tourism promotion through grant programs, with emphasis on Rural Development Programme belonged to the common agricultural policy. The following part presents a discussed territory in the context of importance and its rural tourism expansion of potential areas. The next chapter is devoted to description and analysis of general support of the Rural Development Programme, with emphasis on the promo-tion of the Czech Republic (measures III. 1. 3.). The crucial seventh chapter analy-ses in detail the projects supported by the relevant axis priority and classifies them in compliance with the character and other selected indicators. The aim of the work is also answers to questions about how agrotourism has been signifi-cantly supported and if the aid is concentrated in attractive tourist areas. The final chapter is devoted to evaluation of the projects analysed in the period 2007-2013 and predictable changes which might occur due to the transformation of tourism support from the structural funds and CAP.
The issue of public procurement financed by means of grants provided by the European Union
Kokulová, Lucie ; Civínová, Denisa (advisor) ; Klára, Klára (referee)
The thesis deals with the issue of public procurement co-financed through EU subsidies. The theoretical part in the first part focuses on the law of public procurement, its presentation in the Czech Republic and explanation of important terms that are related to public procurement. Another part is devoted to EU legislation and methodological guidelines regulating the area of public procurement co-financed by the EU. In the analytical part they are identified and evaluated the most common errors that occur in public procurement co-financed by the EU in the period 2009 - 2016 according to the Managing Authorities and intermediate bodies, which are complemented by national and European practices of the courts and decisional practice of the Office for the Protection of Competition. Another section contains an overview and analysis of the errors made by contract owners according to the Office and misconduct in public procurement under the Rural Development Programme and Operational Programme for Fisheries in the Ministry of Agriculture and the State Agricultural Intervention Fund in the years 2014 - 2016 according to the Supreme Audit Office. At the end there is an analysis of public procurement in the RDP 2014 - 2020. In conclusion, recommendations are made to eliminate errors and summarized results of the work.
Utilizing of The European Structural and Investment Funds in the rural tourism
Veselá, Tereza ; Petrů, Zdenka (advisor) ; Kalábová, Markéta (referee)
The master thesis focuses on utilizing of The European Structural and Investment Funds in the rural tourism in the current Programming Period (2014-2020). The main concern of the thesis is defining the options of supporting the rural tourism from the ESI funds in the current Programming Period. In the thesis is introduced a factual exaple of a business plan to create an agrotourism facility in Liberec region using the mentioned funds. The business plan is going to be actualy realized.

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