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Establishment of a Czech football academy in a developing country
Kotrba, Filip ; Kaprálková, Michaela (advisor) ; Šíma, Jan (referee)
Title: Establishing a Czech club football academy in a developing country Objectives: The main objective is to identify the pitfalls, benefits and conditions of implementing a Czech club academy in a developing country through semi-structured interviews with stakeholders. In achieving the main objective, it is crucial to identify and understand various aspects related to the implementation of the academy- Methods: The qualitative method chosen was semi-structured interviews. The study population consisted of 5 respondents who have many years of experience not only in the Czech football environment, but also have various experiences with football and football academies in developing countries, specifically in Africa. Results: The results showed that the establishment of a football club academy in a developing country by a Czech professional football club is possible. Thanks to the very high quality Czech youth football academies, most professional football clubs have a solid foundation for establishing an African club academy. Yet the construction and operation is not suitable for a Czech football club for several reasons. Developing countries, in the case of this thesis African countries, are often different in environment, culture and legislation than the Czech Republic. Czech football clubs do...
Goal Analysis of mutual matches between the best four Czech teams in Czech football league season 2018/2019
Vampola, Jindřich ; Kokštejn, Jakub (advisor) ; Buzek, Mario (referee)
Title: Goal Analysis of mutual matches between the best four Czech teams in Czech football league season 2018/2019 Objectives: The main objective of this thesis is analysis of goals scored between the best four Czech football teams in 2018/2019 season. Furthermore, this thesis aims for comparison of examined variables with data from European competition - Champions league (year 2018/2019). A partial goal then is to create recommended exercises for training practice. Methods: In this thesis is used methods of quantitative analysis and comparison. We mainly used the method of indirect observation of video records. Overall, 18 matches of Czech league and 125 matches of Champions league were analysed. In these matches were scored 47 goals in Czech league and 366 goals in Champions league. For normality analysis we used Kolmogorov-Smirnov and Shapiro-Wilk test. For hypothesis analysis we used Man Whitney U test and 2 sample t-test. With the results as a base were created model training exercises to bring the training process closer to match specifications. Results: Czech teams scored significantly more headers in comparison with Champions League. In first touch goals and fruitfulness of shooting they had lower percentage, but it was not statistically significant. Most of the goals in mutual matches of...
The course of press conferences after matches of the 1 st Czech Football League
Voska, Ondřej ; Trunečka, Ondřej (advisor) ; Šimoník, David (referee)
In this paper, I deal with the issue of press conferences after matches of 1st soccer league. My goal is in the first place to describe press conferences as a part of public relations and as one of main and most important categories of respondents interacting with journalists. In the first part of my master thesis I examine sports journalism and its specifics and differences against other fields of this profession. For research itself I used techniques of observation and questioning, but mainly I worked with the data gained during interviews and information obtained by myself, as an involved observer. During my observation I have visited 14 press conferences throughout one season of 1st soccer league in total that took place all around Czech Republic. The goals of researching these events were its course, specifically how long the events were and in which environment, but also what are the rules for its organisation and how those rules are complied. Another subject of my research was a position of a spokespersons and work of journalists, whose job is to question. I was also interested in a manner of questioning and topics of questions in this area. Among main conclusions of my thesis there is significantly larger focus of media on the three biggest Czech soccer teams which are Slavia Prague, Sparta...

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