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Implementation and testing of selected optimization methods for the parameter estimation of simulation models
Zapletal, Marek ; Matoušek, Radomil (referee) ; Grepl, Robert (advisor)
This thesis deals with design of appropriate optimization algorithms for purposes of newly developed tool Mechlab’s parameter estimation, which serves for parameter estimation of simulation models in Matlab/Simulink. Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm had been chosen among other gradient methods. On the other hand, genetic algorithm and simulated annealing had been chosen from category of soft computing techniques to be implemented. Chosen algorithms were tested on artifical problem of mechanical oscilator and also on real datasets from electronic throttle. Proposed simulated annealing worked in both cases whith sufficient results, nevertheless was time-costly. For the oscilator problem, all the algorithms provided accurate solutions, but in the case of real dataset, Levenberg-Marquardt functionality was limited, while genetic algorithm still provided excelent results.
Measuring and Visualizing Distance Sensor Data in Real-Time via Arduino and Xbee wireless communication to Matlab
Zapletal, Marek ; Liška, Radovan (referee) ; Karakhalil, Mourad (advisor)
Work describes making of measuring system consisting of ultrasonic sensor, programmable board Arduino, where the wireless communication is provided by Xbee modules. Theoretical part depicts the single components including the programmes for making the code necessary for proper function of the system. On the other hand, realization and creation of programmes is the centre of practical part of the work. System was physically made and the obtained data from distance sensor were in real-time transferred and depicted in MATLAB programme, where the data are filtered and the graphs of elapsed time- distance are drawn. This work is one of the first possible steps in making intelligent devices or robots from the general aspect of mapping, navigating and orienting in a surrounding area.

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