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Determinants of Sexual Satisfaction in Czech Men
Kamnerdsiri, Watcharaphol Alexandre ; Weiss, Petr (advisor) ; Zvěřina, Jaroslav (referee) ; Zámečník, Libor (referee)
MUDr. Watcharaphol Alexandre Kamnerdsiri Determinants of Sexual Satisfaction in Czech Men Page 1 of 5 Determinants of Sexual Satisfaction in Czech Men Abstract Very legitimately, medicine as well as medical literature, especially in the field of sexology, focuses on the study and treatment of all disorders and dysfunctions that affect the human race and its sexuality. Through this thesis, we attempted to resist against this general trend and sought anything that would facilitate or promote a man's achievement of an accomplished and happy sexuality. These terms imply a sexuality that satisfies this man. There is indeed nothing more subjective than sexual satisfaction, despite the easy access to pornographic material that tends to introduce some elements of comparison in the mind of each man, however unrealistic. There are many tools to measure sexual satisfaction. However, it has been demonstrated that assessing sexual satisfaction with a single question is nearly as reliable as using more detailed questionnaires. As this thesis is integrated into a much larger research based on a 90-item questionnaire, it was decided to use only one question regarding sexual satisfaction. However, it has been divided into two variants, one on the overall sex life satisfaction, and the other on the recent sexual satisfaction...
Quality of life of senior women that suffer from incontinence
Kršňáková, Veronika ; Zámečník, Libor (advisor) ; Langrová, Eva (referee) ; Václavíková, Zdena (referee)
This bachelor dissatation deals with the problem of female incontinence. Theoretic part is devoted anatomy lower urinary tract, physiology discharging and detail described individual kinds of urinary incontinence, cause, treatment and prevention. In empiric part I felt to valorize how the urinary incontinence affects quality of life. I also tried to find out how long was the time interval before the patient finds the medical hep and if there is enough awareness about the illness and its treatment. My research confirmed the fact that it is important to improve education and have enough Information available about this problem in order to identify the early symptoms and eliminate negative motions. The most important is to improve understanding of women's feelings and needs and to (decrease) eliminate the embarrasment rated to this problem.

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