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Detached family house, Trnava
Svoboda, Jan ; Vlach, František (referee) ; Müller, Jan (advisor)
The present Bachelor’s thesis deals with the design of a house in the municipality of Trnava near Zlín. It is a two-storey house with a built-in garage on the first above-ground floor. The house was designed for a four-member family. On the first above-ground floor there is a north-facing hall that adjoins a garage and a staircase area. The open-concept kitchen-living room faces south. The basement of the house represents the living area and it locates a west-facing bathroom of the children, a boiler room, and an east-facing bathroom of the parents. Three bedrooms, two for the children and one for the parents, face south. The peripheral wall constructions are made of surface-ground ceramic brick with external thermal insulation composite system. The horizontal structure is made of reinforced concrete monolithic plate. The building has a pent roof with the slope of 5°. The Bachelor’s thesis is made in the form of detail design documentation.
Detached family house, Valašské Meziříčí
Skříčková, Alžběta ; Vlach, František (referee) ; Müller, Jan (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is a design of family house located in the cadastral area of the town Valašské Meziříčí. It is a two-storey family house on a slope, with a garage and a terrace adjacent to the first ground floor, which performs the function as a housing for four to five member family. The object is designed as a wall system, built from sand-lime bricks km beta Sendwix and insulated with the ETICS thermal insulation composite system. Horizontal supporting structures are made of reinforced concrete. The entire building is roofed with a flat roof. Wooden windows and doors are used in the building to fill the holes. The bachelor thesis is elaborated in the form of a project documentation for the execution of the construction.
Detached House
Stehlíková, Barbora ; Vlach, František (referee) ; Bečkovský, David (advisor)
The theme of the bachelor´s thesis is a project of a newly built detached house. The house is designed on quiet sloping plot in calm suburb of Frenštát pod Radhoštěm. The object has rectangular plan, it’s without cellar and it has two storeys. It’s a part of a bigger garden with one parking space on a side. The load-bearing structure is made of a timber frame. The external walls are made from straw bales. The external finish is made of lime render, the windows and doors are wooden, gable roof with dormer is covered by split shakes. Roof plane slope is 45°. At the object is one dwelling unit consisting of living room with kitchenette, workroom, three bedrooms, cloak-room and two bathrooms. The internal finish is made of earth plaster. Most of the timber construction stays visible including the timber floor. The roof will be insulated with sheep’s wool and furnished with lining. The design of the timber structure emphasises the use of natural materials.
Low Energy Terraced Houses, Okrisky
Pilinszki, Martin ; Vlach, František (referee) ; Bečkovský, David (advisor)
The aim of this Bachelor thesis is to design low energy terraced houses in Okříšky (Vysočina region), building permission desing documentation. New building is located in cadastre unit Okříšky. The houses are two storey without a basement. The left part of house has a garage and is L-shaped. The right part is rectangle shape. The structural system of the building is consists of sand-lime bricks with thermal insulation. The floors consists of reinforced concrete slabs with suspended gypsum board ceiling where HVAC can be installed. Roof is designed as flat floor and made of plasticized PVC with roof drainage on the fasade.
Hygrothermal processes in walls of wooden houses
Veselá, Lucie ; Vlach, František (referee) ; Bečkovský, David (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the thermal-humidity stress of the wooden wall. The work is focused on the connection of the wall to the base structure of the building. Three details were chosen. The work was focused on detail with the most common structure of an external wall used in the Czech Republic on the composition with a supporting structure made of KVH columns, which are filled with mineral insulation. This construction is covered with plate elements. The insulation from the exterior is made of ETICS with expanded polystyrene thermal insulation. This detail was assessed in the software. To compare the results calculated by real-time software, an experimental model was made, which was subjected to experimental measurements. Part of the diploma thesis is a comparison of detail stress under different boundary design conditions, with or without anchoring.
Damage extent analysis of dry floors in case of a flood
Šír, Jan ; Vlach, František (referee) ; Bečkovský, David (advisor)
The thesis is focused on analysis of damage extent of dry floors in case of a flood. In the first part it deals with problems of buildings´ stress factors in the point of view of building physics, floor composition and its connection to constructions of timber houses. In the second part it describes testing of three experimental floor samples during simulated flood. It examines and evaluates the behavior and the way of spreading of the leaking water and the effect of moisture on the materials.
Kindergarten in Novy Jicin
Stančík, Adam ; Vlach, František (referee) ; Kolář, Radim (advisor)
Single-storey C-shaped building of kindergarten in Nový Jičín with flat green roof.The building is situated on the flat land. The plot is accessible by local road. Kindergarted has irregular plan. The ends are connected by connecting tunnel, which is partly below ground level. Courtyard facade is a vertical garden - green facade.
Family house with a hairdresser in Chomutov
Durecová, Martina ; Vlach, František (referee) ; Štěpánek, Ladislav (advisor)
The theme of the bachelor´s thesis are design and project documentation of a detached house with hairdresser and with two housing units in Chomutov. The building consists of three aboveground floors and basement. Beside the own project documentation a draft disposition of the study.
Office Block in Blansko
Zouhar, Martin ; Vlach, František (referee) ; Kolář, Radim (advisor)
The solution of the diploma thesis is the office block in Blansko. Building is suggested for using as insurance company. This building is located in a particular territory which had precisely limited the possibilities of the construction. There are three aboveground floors. The building is designed like reinforced concrete frame with complete masonry type THERM. The building is built on drilled piles that are connected fundamental grate. The facade is made as ceramic aired facade. The building has a flat roof with classical succession layer and is stabilized by gravel. The building is designed for fifty people.
Energy efficient terraced house
Nevrlý, Jaroslav ; Vlach, František (referee) ; Bečkovský, David (advisor)
The main aim of the thesis was to create design documentation, energyefficient terraced house in the village of Moravian Knínice. The proposed building will be located in the vacant space between buildings. Layout of the building is limited by the size of building lots located in hillside surrounding buildings, and orientation to the cardinal. The thesis deals with the layout, building and construction, buildings, so that it effectively uses renewable energy and efficiently work with them.

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