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Unbreakable Nightrunners
Tomanova, Karolina ; Šprincl, Petr (referee) ; Mazanec, Martin (advisor)
The video documentary Unbreakable Nightrunners deals with people around the artist, who documents what is happening in the group of which he is a part. The main actors live in the area and know each other from Elementary school. Half of the participants are still students and the other working individuals from different industries. Nightrunners are under 30 years old. Sometimes misunderstood by society and the surrounding area. The group of people she documents did not want to be like other people around. They didn't want to hang out and party. They have a common interest in cars and tuning. People with different views and styles, who always find a topic for conversation and space for joint activities have also a different philosophy of life, which could be summed up in the thesis that „life is a distinctive phenomenon that can not be reduced to mechanical events“. They help each other when something goes wrong, they are in good and bad times together. It documents all the events that the group creates, including ordinary meetings or interviews. It also reflects the fact that the group meets in one particular place and that is the gas station. The name Nightrunners is derived from a chat group on Facebook where they debate in various ways, agree on events, send funny videos and photos or spread new photos of cars and things they saw or were part of.
Cross-Sectoral Cooperation in the Field of CSR: A Case Study of the Food Bank for Prague and Central Bohemia
Tomanová, Karolína ; Legnerová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Muhič Dizdarevič, Selma (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with cross-sectoral cooperation in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR). This topic is researched using a case study of the Food Bank for Prague and Central Bohemia and food chains that have established a cooperative partnership with the organization. Empirical research took the form of an initial fieldwork, interviews, and analysis of websites and other available documents. The thesis aims to introduce the insufficiently- explored issue of food banks and CSR that is created around them by food chains. First, it deals with the types of cooperation that occur within these relationships and proceeds to explore their dynamics. Furthermore, it examines the motivations of chains for cooperation and the appraisal of mutual cooperation both on their part as well as the part of the food bank, a representantive of the non-profit sector. The thesis can serve as an inspiration for further research on the topic of food banks or cross-sectoral cooperation that would involve perspectives of entities from both cooperating sectors as this represents a fact that is often overlooked in research. Keywords: Cross-sectoral cooperation, corporate social responsibility, food bank, food wasting, non-profit organization.

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