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Reasons for NoSQL deployment, and especially MongoDB
Čermák, Miroslav ; Palovská, Helena (advisor) ; Tomášková, Barbora (referee)
This bachelor thesis examines reasons of NoSQL databases deployment and especially MongoDB database. It introduces these databases, describes its classification, specific properties, including its advantages. It continues with introduction of MongoDB and its case studies. Advantages of this database are shown on the custom model of e-commerce system. These reasons are then summarized in the individual chapter.
Example of work with DynamoDB
Pilař, Jan ; Palovská, Helena (advisor) ; Tomášková, Barbora (referee)
The thesis is focused on database systems called NoSQL and can be divided into two parts. The first part attempts to explain the concept and discusses several aspects that NoSQL differs from traditional relational-based model databases. Then follows a descrip-tion of the main streams approaches of data storage and comparison in the context of rela-tional databases. It is assumed that the reader is familiar with the basic principles of rela-tional databases. The thesis deals in more detail with a key-value databases Redis and Dy-namoDB. In the practical part is given example of work with the DynamoDB service. This chapter provides information on how to make it operational, fill with data and make queries.
Methodology of development and maintanance of dependent data marts
Müllerová, Sandra ; Novotný, Ota (advisor) ; Tomášková, Barbora (referee)
The thesis is primary focused on the integrated data warehouse, particularly on a subset -- dependent data marts. The main objectives of this thesis are design the methodology of development and maintenance of dependent data marts and verification methodology usefulness in the real organization. The first part deals with the theoretical definition of terms. It focuses particularly on the definition of terms from Business Intelligence area especially data warehousing and data marts. Each of the terms is described in detail in separate chapters. Business Intelligence area puts emphasis on description of individual components. In data warehousing area are described the data warehouse concepts and content of layers in a data warehouse. Finally, the data mart area is designed to describe dependent and independent data marts and also "special "cases of data marts, likely the semantic layer, and a sandbox. The second part focuses on the design methodology itself. At the beginning of this part is analysis of the existing methodologies and assess their usefulness with connection to designed methodology. The following part describes the current situation in the approach to the development and maintenance of dependent data marts in the organization. At the end of the second part is designed own methodology, which is based in part on the analysis methodology and in part on the analysis of current situation. The third part focuses on usability and usefulness evaluation of methodology in the organization. Evaluation is based on the methodology of criticism from employees in the organization who are directly engaged in designing and maintaining dependent data marts. Finally, the fourth and final part will focus on the description of an alternative solution that could be considered as one of the ways to sustainable development of data warehouse in the organization. It's about comparison architecture based on utilization of semantic layer as oppose to the "three layers" concept of data warehouse by Bill Inmon, which is implemented in the organization. The output evaluates alternative solutions to the current solution.
Database design for e-shop
Chmelíček, Jiří ; Palovská, Helena (advisor) ; Tomášková, Barbora (referee)
The main goal of this thesis is designing a database for an online store alias e-shop. Where designed database will not depend on the character of sold goods and will cover all areas of common e-shops. At the beginning of thesis are determined the requirements for the functionality of e-shop, which indicate what must the e-shop be able to do. These requirements are analyzed and on the base of analysis is designed the corresponding database model and is realized the implementation using the database. The suitability and functionality of the designed model is verified on the test data using a particular database system MySQL.
The Evolution of Project Management and Selected Methodologies
Tomčová, Lucie ; Tomášková, Barbora (advisor) ; Chlapek, Dušan (referee)
This thesis deals with the evolution of project management and provides view of selected methodologies that are used for managing the projects. The thesis is divided into three parts according the single goals. The first part deals with the actual evolution of project management and in the end it offers the timeline of the evolution. The second part is focused on contribution of the information technologies to the project management. The third part presents selected methodologies that are used for project management and introduces their evolution. In the end of this part, the differences and commonalities of the methodologies' evolution are summarized. The main contribution of the thesis is the new look on the overall evolution of the project management with the orientation on the contribution of information technologies and detailed focus on the methodologies.
Tools for database schemas migration
Hubík, Petr ; Chlapek, Dušan (advisor) ; Tomášková, Barbora (referee)
This thesis deals with finding appropriate tools for automatized migration of database schemas, setting benchmarks of these tools and their testing. Research has been done on thesis regarding to similar topics, followed by setting criteria for tool choosing and defining evaluations criteria. These evaluation criteria are then applied to the searched tools and based on these criteria are applied test of functionality. Recommendations for implementation in practice for best rated tool has been writen up and these recommendations has been checked on case study.
Document-oriented open source database systems
Regner, Tomáš ; Chlapek, Dušan (advisor) ; Tomášková, Barbora (referee)
One of the objectives of this bachelor thesis is to introduce readers with motives of developers for seeking alternatives to traditional relational database systems, which gradually resulted in emergence of NoSQL movement and also make them familiar with milestones and most important projects in its history. Then it introduces some basic characteristics common to NoSQL systems such as issues of scalability and distributed data processing and generally accepted categorization of NoSQL systems based on their data model. In more detail it focuses on field of document-oriented database systems, summarizes situation in this field and discusses its two currently most widely used representatives - systems MongoDB and CouchDB. It describes basic mechanisms of their operation and demonstrates meaning of their usage on examples. Then it defines evaluation criteria to compare these products and evaluate their fulfillment in currently available version of these systems.
Communication tools between business and IT
Sikorová, Markéta ; Tomášková, Barbora (advisor) ; Chlapek, Dušan (referee)
This thesis deals with internal communication between IT department and other employees. The main objective is to describe the options and critical factors in communication between IT and business. The first part focuses on various forms and communications tools, but also on problems in communication with the IT department. In the second part, dealing with the helpdesk, are compared the selected helpdesk applications using the defined criteria. At the conclusion of the work are analyzed the results of a survey by questionnaire examines the setting of internal communication, including communication with IT workers, and use of helpdesk applications in companies on the Czech market.
Database environment migration
Hušek, Matěj ; Chlapek, Dušan (advisor) ; Tomášková, Barbora (referee)
The main purpose of the thesis is to introduce a method on how to proceed when migrating a database environment. The first section presents several commercial and noncommercial applications and subsequently the migration method is introduced. This method can achieve a successful data transfer to the new environment. The method is adapted to ERP system database, but after minor adjustments may be used for a large number of databases. During several phases are selected relevant data, restructured using tools and then imported into the target environment. The whole procedure is well documented into log files which can be used to check the process. To validate the data quality a new validation tool was created. It is capable of monitoring whether the data is consistent with company standards.

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