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Birth plan from a midwife' s perspective
The bachelor's thesis deals with the birth plan from a midwife's perspective. Two goals were established advance. The first goal was to find out the attitudes od midwives to the birth plan and the second goal was to find out what is the approach of midwives to mothers with a birth plan. The bachelor thesis is divided into two parts. The theoretical part and the practical part. The theoretical part introduces the profession of midwife and profession competencies. Furthermore, the theoretical part presents the importance of the birth plan, which women usually create a birth plan and the wishes that women can state in their birth plan. One of the chapters describes a childbirth and all his periods of birth (first, second, third and fourth). The end of the theoretical part is described the characteristic of the puerperium. The practical part of the bachelor thesis was based of a qualitative research survey. One research group was created with the help of semi-structured interviews, which was carried out with midwives working in the delivery room at Český Krumlov Hospital, a.s. and at the Hospital of České Budějovice, a.s. There were total an eleven midwives. The main criterion for the research survey was requirement for midwives to work in the delivery room and have experience with the birth plan. Before the interviews began, the topic of the bachelor's thesis was explained to all midwives and it was pointed out that the information obtained would remain anonymous. Interviews were conducted with the consent of the midwives. The individual interviews were recorded on a dictaphone and then literally transcribed. This was followed by data analysis and processing. To evaluate the data, two main categories and ten subcategories were identified.
The American Notion of Freedom: Freedom as a Central Element of American History and its Reflection in Literature.
Tomášková, Barbora ; Robbins, David Lee (advisor) ; Roraback, Erik Sherman (referee)
This thesis explores the American notion of freedom and its interpretations within individual periods of American history. In the thesis, freedom is described upon the basis of historical context, and its importance is demonstrated through specific examples of the periods' literary works and documents. The work analyzes periods from 1776; the year of the U.S. establishment, and continues up to the first half of the twentieth century. For the purpose of the thesis, six particular periods characteristic of significant historical events, or, of social, literary, and philosophical movements, were chosen. Chronologically, the thesis begins with the 17th century's arrival of the first European settlers to the North American continent, followed by the founding of the United States more than a century later. The thesis then gradually focuses on movements and philosophies emerging during the 18th and 19th century, namely, transcendentalism and abolitionism, and further continues with introducing the freedom-related ideals of American anarchists and pragmatists. The work then closes with the 20th century's Beat generation. The objective of the thesis is to prove, that during American history, freedom had always been the most important value; a value which shaped the American mentality into how we know it...
Database design for company Ceskoslovensky autoslalom
Rocheva, Arina ; Palovská, Helena (advisor) ; Tomášková, Barbora (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the design of a database model for Ceskoslovensky autoslalom z. s., which organizes automobile races. The main goal of this thesis is to make a complex database model, corresponding to the current situation of the company. The theoretical part describes the methodology used in this thesis. The practical part contains the database creation process. First, there are identified requirements for the new database system. Then conceptual and physical database designs are following. Database created in the MySQL database system and tested in Microsoft Access. The contribution of the thesis is to ease and optimize data management in the organization after the database implementation.
Development of IS for student organization
Dao, Ha My ; Palovská, Helena (advisor) ; Tomášková, Barbora (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the analysis of the existing database and its development for future use. The database belongs to an information system called BuddyIS, which is used by the student non-profit organization ESN VŠE Praha - Buddy System. The aim of the thesis is to consolidate the existing database structure, which can be achieved by refactoring and design of new elements. This thesis is based on the knowledge of the organization´s processes, which the author gained through her activity in the organization. Current requirements are inferred from consultations with the members of the organization. The benefit of the thesis is the basis for further development of the whole information system and further documentation that will serve the next generation of organization members.
Hadoop NoSQL database
Švagr, Lukáš ; Palovská, Helena (advisor) ; Tomášková, Barbora (referee)
The theme of this work is database storage Hadoop Hbase. The main goal is to demonstrate the principles of its function and show the main usage. The entire text assumes that the reader is already familiar with the basic principles of NoSQL databases. The theoretical part briefly describes the basic concepts of databases then mostly covers Hadoop and its properties. This work also includes the practical part which describes how to install a database repository and illustrates basic database operations in two simple programs. The components of the practical part are case studies that report current use of Hadoop in the world-famous companies.
Introduction and use of graph databases
Hřivna, Jan ; Palovská, Helena (advisor) ; Tomášková, Barbora (referee)
The aim of this Bachelor thesis is to introduce the conception and uses of graph databases. The thesis is split into a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part describes main principles of graph databases with focus on providing exact and detailed explanations. The practical part presents practical operations and particular solutions for the queries run in the Neo4j graph database system by Cypher query lanugage. Information was collected from reliable and published primary and secondary sources. Furthermore in the practical part, the actual Neo4j database was installed on local server. This database can be accesed and commands can be executed through graphic user interface.
Possibilities of using database Neo4j
Konoshenko, Evgeny ; Palovská, Helena (advisor) ; Tomášková, Barbora (referee)
The theme of bachelor work is NoSQL graph database Neo4J. The main objective of this work is to describe the key features Neo4J and show a practical example of how to work with this system. To achieve this objective were studied books, internet resources which relate to this topic and official documentation for the database system. The contribution of this work consists in dismantling work with Neo4J through different tools and defining use cases that database. After reading the practical part of the work reader would be able to understand the basics of working with database system Neo4J. The theoretical part focuses on the detailed analysis of the database system Neo4J, specifies terms NoSQL and graph database, defines the place of Neo4J in NoSQL databases, provides the possibility of using Neo4J in practice. In the practical part are presented examples of work with the system Neo4J, is shown the usage of query language Cypher, REST API and web interface Webadmin.
Oracle NoSQL database
Chlomek, Lukáš ; Palovská, Helena (advisor) ; Tomášková, Barbora (referee)
This thesis deals with the theme of NoSQL databases. The theoretical part describes, the reasons for the creation of this databases trend, their basic properties and the most widely used NoSQL data models. The practical part introduces readers with one representative of NoSQL key-value data model, Oracle NoSQL. Following is a sample of work with records of this database, using created test program. End of work includes a short practical demon-stration of manipulation with tables in the repository.
Design of the database for courier company
Kolman, Michal ; Palovská, Helena (advisor) ; Tomášková, Barbora (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the analysis of requirements and design of database for a courier company engaged in food delivery services. The aim of this thesis is to create a database design that would be used for an application enabling dealing with orders and registration of subjects that have access to them. The the-sis is divided into two parts. The first part is devoted to theoretical basis, explanation of important database concepts and how to design a database. The second part deals with the design of the database. I proceeded from the analysis of the courier company across con-ceptual and physical database design to verification of the database with simple commands on the school Oracle database server. The assumed contribution should be an option for employees to track the status of the or-der. The management of the company will have all the information about orders and finan-cial transactions registrated in one place and be able to analyse all the information. Customers should have an easy overview of their benefit program, possibly also of their credit system. Couriers and operators should have an easy overview of cash transactions and the current financial situation of the couriers. On that basis, they should be able to quickly allocate the orders.
NoSQL databases- IndexedDB
Vršek, David ; Palovská, Helena (advisor) ; Tomášková, Barbora (referee)
The thesis provides introduction to IndexedDB, describes its specificity and aims at security analysis of IndexedDB. The thesis focuses on extension of IndexedDB knowledge and description of technologies, concepts and environment connected with it. A part of the thesis is a practical example showing how to work with IndexedDB followed by a security analysis illustrating a secure way of IndexedDB usage. The main benefit of the thesis is extending knowledge of IndexDB's concepts shown in a big picture supported with a practical example. The big-picture point of view allows the thesis to make the reader think differently regarding security and development while using IndexedDB. The thesis also illustrates the differences between IndexedDB and the rest of NoSQL products through practical and theoretical part as well. The introduction briefly explains NoSQL concept with a short description of the differences from the standard. These differences come from the connection of IndexedDB, HTML in version 5 and JavaScript, in version EcmaScript 5, which is the current standard for JavaScript. These technologies and other concepts will be described in context of IndexedDB. The next part of the thesis shows how to work with IndexedDB on practical example. This part is followed by a security analysis. The thesis can be used for advanced technological analysis of explained security issues.

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