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Proposal of the manufacturing procedure for the parts of belt conveyor roller
Pavelek, Michal ; Lidmila, Zdeněk (referee) ; Novotný, Karel (advisor)
The project, which has been elaborated within the framework of Master's Degree in Manufacturing Technology (2303T002), processes a technology proposal for the production of stamped part čelo from DD14 material, with a thickness 4 mm, with production quantities of 100 000 pieces per year, in cooperation with the company UNIRON Ltd. Based on the literature study of deep drawing without thinning of the walls and calculations, production of the part of simple single-function drawing tools was proposed. The first three operations performed on a PYE 100 S/1 hydraulic press and the last calibration operation carried out on a LEK 250 eccentric press. The semi-finished product is blank with a diameter of 195 mm, produced in a simple cutting die. The cutting die is designed for both the material in the form of a sheet metal strip in coils and cut strips of metal sheet, which is associated with the use of two eccentric presses of the LEK 250 and LE 400C types. The proposed manufacturing process was simulated in the PAM-Stamp 2G software, in which the influence of the radius the functional parts of tools to change the thickness of the material is further simulated. The part of the project is a technical and economic evaluation, in which the price of one piece of the product and production quantity at which production becomes profitable was rated.
Analysis of modern milling technologies for shaped parts
Pavelek, Michal ; Kalivoda, Milan (referee) ; Zemčík, Oskar (advisor)
The aim of my bachelor thesis is the analysis of modern milling technologies for shaped parts. The work offers the categorization and definition of shaped parts, and a description of the characteristics of milling techniques and methods used in the production of shaped parts. The work also describes the machines and tools used in the process of milling shaped parts. The last part of the paper offers the evaluation of each analyzed method, their comparing, and points out both their advantages and disadvantages.

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