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Growth and formation of the teacher's role in connection with participation in the pilgrimage
This bachelor's thesis, entitled Growth and formation of the teacher's role in connection with the pilgrimage jurney to Santiago de Compostelo, first deals with the concepts associated with the teacher's personality in the theoretical part. It describes the teacher as a profession, his position in society and what are the motives for choosing this particular profession. The work also describes the professional path of teachers. We can divide this path into beginner, experienced and conservative teacher. Another topic of this part is stress and the burnout syndrome, and the last chapter of the first part is dedicated to shaping the teacher's role and self-reflective professional development, which is connected to the term ALACT. The next chapter is dedicated to personal development, specifically self-knowledge and human being at this moment. The last chapter describes the pilgrimage jurney to Santiago de Compostela itself. In the beginning of this chapter are divided the possible routes that leads to Santiago de Compostelo. The following is a list of symbols associated with the journey, and there are also chapters on accommodation and motivation for the pilgrims. The empirical part of thesis is devoted to the analysis of the statements of three pilgrims who made the pilgrimage jurney to Santiago de Compostela. Before the pilgrimage jurney and also nowadays are teaching and they educate how their experiences and opinions changed during the jurney, through the qualitative research method of Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis (IPA). The research questions were: VO1: What was the difference in the approach to the teaching profession after completing the trip? VO2: How did your view of yourself change after completing the trip? VO3: What were the strong moments and experiences during the trip? VO4: In what areas did the trip affect the informant's life? The results give us an insight into the pilgrims' experience of completing the pilgrimage jurney to Santiago de Compostelo. They show us the clear changes experienced by the pilgrims as a result of completing the pilgrimage jurney. The most important changes took place within their profession as a teacher and family.

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