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The Nature and the Meaning of the Moods in the Fundamental Ontology of Heidegger
Mudrová, Dana ; Tengelyi, Laszlo (advisor) ; Wunsch, Matthias (referee)
My thesis serves as a summary of Heidegger's early texts dealing with the motif of "being in a mood" (Befindlichkeit, resp. Stimmung). We can categorize these texts as belonging to Heidegger's fundamental ontology period, originating before the so-called "turn" in his thinking (Die Kehre). I do not treat "being in a mood" and Stimmung merely from the perspective of their essence and structure, but also from the perspective of the methodical function of this concept for the conception of fundamental ontology. The thesis is also led by the issue of the origin of "being in the mood". By developing the structure and functions of "being in the mood" in fundamental ontology, we can clarify why to even posit this question and also what we can discern about "being in the mood" from Heidegger's texts.

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2 Mudrová, Dagmar