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Dynamic assessment in practice of school psychologist
Mrázková, Marína ; Lucká, Barbora (advisor) ; Kučerová, Olga (referee)
This bachelor thesis introduce dynamic assessment as an approach, which could be part of the practice of a school psychologist, and tries to figure out, whether, and to what extent is this method applied to school psychologists' everyday job. The data was collected and analyzed through the method of qualitative research from semi-structured interviews with seven school psychologists. The results of the research imply that school psychologists do utilize principals of dynamic assessment to a certain extent, but in majority they don't use it systematically. This resume is in agreement with the research, which was carried out under the project RAMPS-VIP III. In the resume, the author comes with the hypothesis that it might be useful if school psychologists learnt more about this method already during their studies - particularly those of them who potentially aspire for a career in schooling or counseling. KEYWORDS Dynamic assessment, school psychology, learning difficulties, mediated learning experience

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