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Karyotype differentiation of the harvestmen belonging to the subroder Laniatores from South Africa
Marešová, Alexandra ; Šťáhlavský, František (advisor) ; Symonová, Radka (referee)
Current cytogenetic knowledge of the suborder Laniatores is only known for 11 species from South and North America. This study presents the first cytogenetic analyses of South African families Biantidae and Triaenonychidae which belong to the most diverse suborder of harvestmen. After analyzing the karyotype, variability in the diploid chromosome number was found, with Biantidae having 2n = 38-52 and Triaenonychidae having 2n = 28-64. Variability was also observed in the morphology of chromosomes. While both families predominantly exhibit bi-armed chromosomes, individual species show different representations of various morphological types. In addition to basic cytogenetic analyses, fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) was performed, revealing variability in the number and location of gene clusters for 18S rRNA. Using this method, the telomeric motif (TTAGG)n was also localized, which was present only at the ends of chromosomes in all analyzed species from both families. Key words: cytogenetics, harvestmen, Laniatores, FISH, 18S rRNA, karyotype variability
Phylogeny and diversity of harvestmen suborder Laniatores
Marešová, Alexandra ; Hiřman, Matyáš (advisor) ; Dolejš, Petr (referee)
This bachelor thesis summarizes the general knowledge about phylogenesis, diversity and distribution of harvestmen from the suborder Laniatores. Until recently, phylogenetic relationships of this suborder were very few studied, but thanks to a recent studies they are still improving. The suborder Laniatores now includes 41 families, which are divided into ten superfamilies. An overview of distribution of individual families of the suborder Laniatores is also given in this work and so are factors influencing it. From abiotic factors there is humidity, temperature, climate, and altitude. Among biotic factors, the distribution may be influenced by the type of vegetation or by the human, where it is mainly the introduction of invasive species. The greatest emphasis is placed on morphological differences between individual families. The biggest differences can be observed on their bodies, especially in the form of different numbers and types of sclerotized protrusions. Keywords: harvestmen, Laniatores, phylogenesis, biogeography, biodiversity, morphology

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