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Marketing Strategy in Event Marketing Services
Hrbáč, Vojtěch ; Krejčí, Zbyněk (referee) ; Chlebovský, Vít (advisor)
The subject of these diploma work is estimation marketing strategy of the company, which is making events. In first and theoretic part of this diploma work I dealing with prodigy of eventu and his mening in today´s companies. There is also mention about story when this mark is started to use at all, when modern society has been started interest about it, as aviable part of marketing mix. I enlarge here theoretics contributions and reasons why is important arrange him. In practical part I dealing with aspects of event himself and process of realization. Because in this time I working in company creating this events, I had posibility to look on this evets from the another side. I also had posibility notice mistakes which are making on actions, in this part of marketing. In final part I mented about efectivity events and outlines the future.
Application of rapid prototyping in foundry industry
Krejčí, Zbyněk ; Macků, Martin (referee) ; Kosour, Vojtěch (advisor)
These bachelor thesis deals with the practical aplication of rapid prototyping at foundry industry. In the first part of the thesis is given list of the most important methods of rapid prototyping, those principles, advantages and disadvantages. And the second part is dealing with aplication of these methods at foundry industry, and its evaluation.

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