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Konečný, Patrik ; Bečkovský, David (referee) ; Bečkovská, Tereza (advisor)
The topic of the final diploma thesis is the design of project documentation for the permission to build a new kindergarten building, including ancillary buildings, in the passive standard. The project is divided into three parts, which also includes the design and optimization of other professions of the technical equipment in the building, so that the object meets the minimum requirements for fulfilling the title of passive environmentally advanced buildings. The building will be located in Brno-Vinohrady and is designed as a detached without a basement and with a flat green roof. The masonry in the entire building is designed from ceramics blocks, the envelope walls will be insulated using mineral wool. Roof structures are designed as cast-in-place reinforced concrete slabs. The foundations are designed as a cast-in-place concrete strip, on which there will be a cast-in-place concrete slab. Plastic-frame doors and windows with triple glazing are designed as well. The next part of the thesis is dealt with inner environment. Two ground-water heat pumps with boreholes are designed as a heating source for the building. The heat will be distributed via floor heating grids. The building will have mechanical ventilation, its efficiency against summer overheating will be increased by exterior blinds, which will be installed as a part of windows. In the last part of the thesis, where twas optional topic, is designed a drinking water supply and waste water disposal from the land, water distribution and sewerage inside the building and rainwater management system to maximize fresh water savings. Other materials of the diploma thesis that verify the condition of the building or additional information about the design, include calculations from building physics, a certificate of energy efficiency of the building or simulation outputs from various computer software.
Trading on Stock Markets
Konečný, Pavel ; Smolík, Kamil (referee) ; Budík, Jan (advisor)
The Bachelor´s thesis deals with the issue of stock market trading from a starting trader (businessman) point of view. There is a therotical description of the issue in the fisrt part of the work. Several AOS strategies together with business software are tested in the practical part. After adaptation, some of the strategies showed profit.The contribution of the practical part is the possibility to put the profit making strategies into practice. It also makes it easier to choose business software and other tools.
Expert systems
Veselovský, Michal ; Konečný, Pavel (referee) ; Dvořák, Jiří (advisor)
Expert systems (ES) are commercially one of the most succesfull use of artificial intelligence (AI) - since eighties of the 20th century. They are often used in medicine, industry, science, trade, banking etc. Expert system is a software using knowledge of human experts for solving very complicated tasks and problems, which would otherwise require participating or consultation of one or more specialists on these issues. This software simulates decision-making of human expert in solving complicated tasks, and tries to reach the most probable result, ideally same as the expert´s opinion. Typical feature of expert systems, differencing it from usual software, is separating of decision making engine (inference engine) and knowledge base – same expert system with different knowledge base may serve for different purposes. This feature is used for creating empty expert systems – shells. Other features, which may not occur at all ES, are ability to make decision with uncertainty, and ability to explain the decision. Goal of this work is to describe basic principles of ES, using freely available information sources, and then describe and analyze resources for creating of these systems, using mainly information from official web sites.
Space Debris
Kvačová, Kristýna Kateřina ; Konečný, Pavel (referee) ; Petrásek, Miloslav (advisor)
The theoretical part of the diploma thesis focuses on the characterization of the artificial space debris in Earth's orbit. The methods of debris removal, the space debris mitigation guidelines, and related international documents are elaborated. In addition to, detection and monitoring of the orbital population are briefly described. The practical part of the thesis proposes a new method of debris removal which is aimed at CubeSat after mission ending in low earth orbit. The method consists of deorbiting maneuver, which is calculated, and the solid rocket motor for the maneuver performance. This includes the computation of dimensions of the solid rocket motor and the propellant configuration.
Evaluation of water losses for the selected pressure zone of the city of Brno
Konečný, Pavel ; Dvořák,, Pavel (referee) ; Tuhovčák, Ladislav (advisor)
Water losses indicate the amount of water leaked out of the water distribution systém. Loss monitoring is one of the basic obligations of operators. Their size points to technical states and network operations, and at the same time is decisive for returns on future investment. Loss reports have recently recorded several changes. Values that describe the amount of unique leakage are continuously more often being used with traditional percentage data on losses related to the overall volume of supplied water.
Rationalisation of production technology
Konečný, Petr ; Kolář, Ladislav (referee) ; Osička, Karel (advisor)
This thesis deals with the rationalization of production technology of selected component. The first part contains a brief introduction of the company NTS Prometal Machining s.r.o. and brief description of the product. The following section is an analysis of existing manufacturing technology. The practical part is focusing on the proposal of rationalization versions of the production process. After evaluation of all possible options of rationalization there has been developed a new technological process with a respect to time and cost savings. Finally there was carried out economical evaluation and recommendation for further production of this component.
ERP system implementation in the company and its connection with E-shop
Konečný, Pavel ; Válek, Martin (referee) ; Dvořák, Jiří (advisor)
The Master thesis deals with the analyzing of the actual metodology of information system (thereinafter IS) implementation and the creation of a new more effective methodology that would prevent the repetition of the indentified deficiency. Despite the diversity of individual customers and their requests concerning the IS implementation and modification, it is necessary to apply the procedural approach during the generation of projects. The implementation methodolgy is thus defined by the description of the particular processes of IS implementation.
Influence of transformer lamination from amorphous steel on permeability disturbance by transformers
Konečný, Pavel ; Ertl, Jakub (referee) ; Pavlík, Josef (advisor)
Influence of transformer lamination from amorphous steel on permeability disturbance by transformer This diploma work is about difference between current materials and amorphous plates which are used as pivots of transformers. Samples are tested by frequence 50-2500 Hz. By using more suitable materials we avoid the unallowable electromagnetic interruption better and we get more positive continuance of the retroactivity on the net.
Physical Security in an Industrial Company
Konečný, Pavel ; Ondrák, Viktor (referee) ; Sedlák, Petr (advisor)
The diploma thesis focuses on physical security solutions in an organization acting in a metallurgy segment. The analytical part identifies the weaknesses in individual areas of physical security according to ČSN/ISO 27 000 regulation. The practical part is divided into individual chapters bringing suggestions for corrections, modernization and modifications of the system. The theoretical part deals mainly with clarification of the terminology and proceses used in the practical part. I see the benefit of my work in the practical suggestions for the changes. If they are implemented correctly, the physical security of the organization will be of high quality.
Tools for CNC milling centres
Konečný, Petr ; Madaj, Martin (referee) ; Humár, Anton (advisor)
This thesis is focused on milling tools for CNC milling centers. The first chapter of this thesis deals with a short theory of milling and the characteristics of CNC milling center. In next chapter are divided and described milling tools in terms of use and construction. This chapter also describes tool materials, clamping, coating and marking of these tools. The practical part is devoted to production assortment of mills from major producers. It is an analysis, description and evaluation of assortments of these producers. For this purpose were selected companies Sandvik Coromant and Pramet Tools.

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