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Germ cell apoptosis induced by artificial cryptorchidism.
Komrska, Josef ; Semecký, Vladimír (advisor) ; Langr, František (referee)
Abstract. We had studied morfological and histological changes of Wistar rat germinal epithelium after experimentally induced cryptorchidism. Our experiment had lasted seven days. Cryptorchic testes was injected by solution of MDOCTM. We used also tissues which was taken from other comparable studies but without MDOCTM for histological evaluation of shorter time intervals. Both size and weight was significantly reduced in cryptorchid testes compared to contralateral and control testes (22.4% and 52.6% respectively). We recorded degenerative changes of germinal epithelium including epithelial desintegration and release of immature and apoptotic cells, which was found in epydidimal tubules, even in one hour interval. Six days after operation, multinucleated cells and vacuolization of epithlelium also appeared. Seven days after operation (and aplication MDOCTM) we found a significant degeneration of germinal epithelium comprising features from vacuoles to apoptotic cells. A large number of macrophages also appeared in this interval. We didn't record any degenerative features in contralateral and control testes.
The effect of MDOCTM on testicular tissue II. Histopathological study of experimentally damaged testicle
Komrska, Josef ; Semecký, Vladimír (advisor) ; Herink, Josef (referee)
Abstract. We had studied changes of Wistar rat germinal epithelium after aplication MDOCTM in the form of gel applied to experimentaly injured testicular peak. Our experiment had lasted for twelve days. Operated testicles was not reduced in size significantly compared with controls. There were apoptotic and multinuclear cells in seminiferous tubules. We recorded numerous populations of testicular macrophages and their phagocytic character. There were also Langhans giant cells. We observed significant infiltration of immune system cells in the apical part of operated testicles in focal way. Infiltration showed character of chronical inflammation. MDOCTM probably caused these changes by its chemotactic effects.

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