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"Dialect makes you smart". On the status of dialects in school lessons in the Free State of Bavaria.
Kolářová, Nina ; Blahak, Boris (advisor) ; Šemelík, Martin (referee)
The goal of this bachelor's thesis is to show, how the social attitude towards the usage of dialects in public space in Bavaria changed during the 20th century. By the example of the language usage in school lessons at state schools shall be examined in which relation dialect and standard language as language of instruction and as lesson subject are nowadays. The theoretical part of the thesis is supposed to give an overview about academic literature in which dialectologists and psycholinguists comment on the value of 'bilingualism' (dialect-standard language) in infancy and of the so called 'inner multilingualism'. Moreover is to analyze which directives the official Bavarian curriculum state to the usage of dialects in school lessons and how far these rules in fact are followed by the teachers. In the practical part of the thesis the results of a self-executed research will be presented. There will be two questionnaires available, one for the teachers from different Bavarian schools, the second one for pupils attending these schools. There will also be a comparison of the dialectological situation on the countryside and in (big) cities. The method of the research will be sociolinguistic and comparative.

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