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Simultaneous interpreting using a paper copy of the speech with a focus on "paper copy of the speech" and "subjectivity" as the two major variables
Jánský, Dušan ; Rejšková, Jana (referee) ; Abdallaova, Naděžda (advisor)
This theoretical-empirical work is focused on the dependence between the variables "paper copy of the speech" and "subjectivity" in simultaneous interpreting. In the theoretical part of this thesis, the hitherto research in this field has been covered and the explored questions ha ve been categorized within the paradigm of translation studies. Within the framework of the translational model by Heidemarie Salevsky, an attempt was made to identify and confine the major variables that occur in simultaneous interpreting with a paper copy ofthe speech. Then, based on past research on this subject, a detailed description was made ofthe factors paper and subjectivity. In addition, a categorization ofthe types of subjectivity was made for the analysis of the individua! papers. In the empirical part of this work, based on the available knowledge of the main factors and on the analysis of all speeches, a hypothesis was formulated on the dependence between the factors paper and subjectivity for the individua! speeches and for all speeches jointly. Furthermore, an auxiliary hypothesis was formulated on the dependence between paper, subjectivity and the studenťs class level (proficiency). After conducting the experiment and evaluating the individua! interpreting performances based on the evaluation method described in...

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2 Jánský, David