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The Biblical Concept of Abraham and Jakob
Hrušková, Kristýna ; Heryán, Ladislav (advisor) ; Jandejsek, Petr (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the motive of journey, specifically with biblical journeys of Abraham and Jacob. It tells not only of the places, where their journeys lead, but mainly of the unique practice, experiences and relationships, which form these prophets and shape up their lives. The goal of the thesis is to unveal the evolution process of their relationship to God during their life journeys. The work describes the progress in deepening of faith within the life tests, hesitation within fulfillment of the Lord's challenges, same as the confirmation of the fidelity and allegiance to the one and only God. Part of this thesis consists of update of two ancient stories. It compares the life journeys of the biblical patriarchs with the life journeys of the modern history personalities. Key words: Bible, journey, Abraham, Jacob, The Lord, Old Testament, faith, meaning
Impacts of Electronic Evidence of sales on customer satisfaction
HRUŠKOVÁ, Kristýna
The main topic of this work is Electronic Evidence of Sales, which is related to customer satisfaction after the introduction of this system. The first part explains terms such as Electronic Evidence of sales, Customer, Company Competitiveness, Business Development, Business Environment, etc. The task of the thesis is to evaluate how the customer satisfaction of Hospoda Na Louži, s.r.o.,which is located in Český Krumlov, has changed specifically after the introduction of the system of Electronic Evidence of sales. The thesis shows what was changed at the company during the last 2 years, since the system was introduced and how was changed the customer satisfaction. After analyzes of the company at this work, it should be possible to recommend to the company management the direction in which the company should take in the future. The analyzes includde financial indicators of the company, SWOT analysis and questionnaire survey. Data was obtained from the owner of the company, Ing. Miroslav Votřel, from the publicly accessible website of the company and also by personal data collection directly in the Hospoda Na louži, s.r.o. The recommendations based on these analyzes are aimed at keeping existing customers while at the same time gaining new ones.
Service Management in a Company
HRUŠKOVÁ, Kristýna
Main goal of bachelor thesis was to evaluate management services in chosen company, in this case Hospoda na Louži s.r.o Main business aim of the company are in accommodation and boarding. Company was assessed from outside and inside environment. Based on analysis, suggestions were created, which they should lead further to future improvement of company situation. In practical part, analysis of the current company state were created. For example, financial analysis, STEP analysis or SWOT analysis. From analyses, author has suggested which way company should go to improve its situation. But only a few things, as the company is in very good shape and needs just some small adjustments.

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