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Educational potential of the collection of ancient plaster casts at Duchcov Chateau
Kovalovská, Soňa ; Havlůjová, Hana (advisor) ; Kepartová, Jana (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the educational potential of the collection of plaster casts of ancient sculpture, which is exhibited at the chateau Duchcov in an exhibition entitled Enchanted by Antiquity. The theoretical part of the thesis is devoted to the introduction and history of the collection of plaster casts of ancient sculpture belonging to the Institute of Classical Archaeology of the Faculty of Arts of Charles University and its selected parallels abroad. In this part of the thesis the educational programs and events in these foreign institutions are also discussed. The second part of the thesis is devoted to the current state of education for the exhibition Enchanted by Antiquity and mainly to the analysis of the educational potential of this exhibition. It also includes a practical part devoted to the preparation, realization and evaluation of the pilot educational program entitled On Mount Olympus. Following the tracks of Greek myths and legends, which is intended for the 2nd grade of elementary school. KEYWORDS education, educational programme, Classical antiquity, plaster casts, Duchcov Chateau, interpretation, culture heritage
Gluing of plaster casts
Zítková, Petra ; Ďoubal, Jakub ; Tišlová, Renata ; Kokstejnová, Aneta
The aim of the conservation procedure was to create a study which first focused on the evaluation of materials (traditionally used and modern) according to criteria corresponding to the requirements for contemporary conservation procedures. Based on the information and findings of the study, the procedure subsequently recommends the use of a suitable adhesive material and further presents several possibilities of solving the gluing procedures depending on the damage of the works representing the most frequently solved situations in the restoration of plaster casts. The methods and procedures are demonstrated on selected objects made of plaster from the collection of plaster casts by Stanislav Sucharda, where they were used and verified during their restoration.
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Choosing a suitable method for cleaning works from plaster
Mrověc, Pavel ; Ďoubal, Jakub
The conservation procedure summarizes recent art knowledge and presents the current possibilities of cleaning, their advantages and disadvantages. In practice, most of the cleaning is the result of a combination of different methods, and therefore this conservation procedure does not focus on one particular cleaning method, but rather on how to select and verify the appropriate method for a particular monument. The aim is to describe the optimal procedure for the characterization of the contamination and the substrate, to determine the criteria for the choice of a suitable method or concept of restoration, and the procedures for subsequent verification of the considered cleaning methods.
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Plaster cast care
Ďoubal, Jakub ; Zítková, Petra ; Tišlová, Renata ; Kulhánek, Martin ; Rejman, Petr ; Glombová, Barbora
The methodology deals with the issue of artworks from plaster. The aim of the methodology is to determine the appropriate regime for the transport, storage and presentation of plaster casts and also define the basic criteria for plaster casts survey and conservation of these works.
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