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Three-dimensionally ordered micromesoporous carbon as adsorbent for CO2 capture
Vorokhta, Maryna ; Řimnáčová, Daniela ; Pilař, Radim
In this work, ordered three-dimensionally micromesoporous carbon composed of large spherical mesopores 13 nm in diameter and small micropores with a mean micropore width of 1.46 nm, connecting the main spheres, was synthesized and investigated for CO2 capture ability at temperatures of 25°C, 35°C and 50°C, and at pressures up to 6.5 MPa. Because of the big pore volume occupying 3.62 cm3/g, composed of mesopores and micropores, the carbon sample showed very high adsorption capacity at high pressures. The highest CO2 adsorption capacity of 24.03 mmol/g was obtained at 25°C and at 5.5 MPa. As the temperature increased, the CO2 adsorption capacity decreased to 13.34 mmol/g at 50°C and at 6.5 MPa. The Freundlich fittings of the measured adsorption isotherms at pressures up to 2 MPa showed very high correlation coefficients. The estimated isosteric heats of adsorption in the range of 5.62-6.90 kJ/mol indicated a physical adsorption process, and suggested a stronger interaction between CO2 molecules than between CO2 molecules and the surface of the carbon sample.

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