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Wind tunnels for passenger cars
Fabríci, Tomáš ; Zeman, Radek (oponent) ; Rudolf, Pavel (vedoucí práce)
The bachelor thesis is focused on a wind tunnel usage in the field of automotive industry. Nowadays, they are still the significant part in vehicle aerodynamics research. Specifically, at determining power actuating on vehicle, flow visualization, aero-acoustic measurements. Considering personal vehicles, reducing the drag and reducing the consumption are being accentuated. Aero-acoustic measurements are becoming more and more popular for improvement of driving comfort. Air-flow quality in wind tunnels directly affects the accuracy of the mentioned measurements. The effort is to minimize the accidental turbulence and reach uniform flow quality. Perfect quality of the air-flow will never be reached even though there is an optimal proposal of all sections from which the wind tunnels consist. Very often, we must be satisfied with the accepted flow quality according to the application. However, the progress in the field of computing modeling has reduced the time spent in wind tunnels and moreover it has saved finances. Currently, there is close cooperation between them to reach the best results possible.

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