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Structure and magnetism of clean and impurity-decorated grain boundaries in nickel from first principles
Všianská, Monika ; Šob, Mojmír
We present a detailed theoretical study of segregation of sp-elements from the 3rd-5th period (Al, Si, P, S, Ga, Ge, As, Se, In, Sn, Sb and Te) at the Sigma5(210) grain boundary (GB) in fcc FM Ni. Whereas there is a slight enhancement of magnetization at the clean GB and FS with respect to bulk nickel (3–7% and 24%, respectively), the studied impurities entirely kill or strongly reduce ferromagnetism at the GB so that magnetically dead layers are formed. We determine the preferred segregation sites at the GB for the impurities studied, their segregation enthalpies and strengthening/embrittling energies. We find interstitially segregated Si and P and substitutionally segregated Al as a GB cohesion enhancer, and interstitially segregated S, Ge, As, Se and substitutionally segregated Ga, In, Sn, Sb and Te as GB embrittlers in Ni. As there is very little experimental information on GB segregation in nickel most of the present results are theoretical predictions which may motivate future experimental work.
Utilization of electrochemical methods in studies of transporting processes across the phospholipid bilayers
Navrátil, Tomáš ; Šestáková, Ivana ; Mareček, Vladimír
This contribution deals with studying and characterization of transporting processes of heavy metals (lead and cadmium) in the form of their free ions and of their complexes with small organic ligands across biological membranes. These membranes are represented by model phospholipid bilayers, formed on the surface a suitable flat support material or in its pores. Phosphatidyl choline and phosphatidyl ethanolamine were used as the membrane building elements. Voltammetry and electrochemical impendance spectrometry (EIS) have been used for characterization of the transporting processes.

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