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Reduced modelling of aeroelastic instability in a turbine blade cascade
Pešek, Luděk ; Šnábl, Pavel ; Prasad, Chandra Shekhar
The contribution deals with the first results on flutter instability of the linear cascade triggered by impulse excitation. Together with experimental results, numerical results obtained by reduced modelling of the cascade using van der Pol model of self-excitation are presented and discussed.
Experimental and numerical investigation of the frequency-modal properties of the switch box
Zolotarev, Igor ; Pešek, Luděk ; Bula, Vítězslav ; Šnábl, Pavel ; Gabriel, Dušan ; Mračko, Michal ; Masák, Jan
The research is linked to increase of seismic resistivity of data board switch boxes. Therefore we deal with numerical modelling of the box for finding the hot spots and designing appropriate modifications. This paper deals with numerical and experimental frequency-modal properties of the switch box and mutual comparison for numerical model validation.
Applications of blade vibration measurements in the laboratory of rotational laser vibrometry
Maturkanič, Dušan ; Procházka, Pavel ; Hodboď, Robert ; Mekhalfia, Mohammed Lamine ; Voronova, Evgeniya
The Laboratory of Rotational Laser Vibrometry was established at the Institute of Thermomechanics AS CR, v.v.i. in 2015 and the first experiments were started the following year. The measurements are intended for the research of vibration of rotating blades. The paper includes a summary of measurement results using a special turbine model and their consequences in theoretical research, as well as measurements with a real compressor of aircraft engine and comparison with computational analysis. The paper also describes the complex system for measurement and analysis.
Self-balancing of vertical disc rotors supported by contactless bearings
Zapoměl, Jaroslav ; Kozánek, Jan ; Košina, Jan
Article discusses the self-balancing of the vertical disc rotors supported by contactless bearings on principle of diamagnetic levitation. There are three possibilities of contactless supports: permanent magnet levitation with the help of bismuth, graphite and pyrolitic graphite.
Dynamics of Machines and Mechanical Systems with Interactions, DYMAMESI 2023
Zolotarev, Igor ; Pešek, Luděk ; Kozień, M. S.
The aim of the DYMAMESI is to facilitate the exchange of up to date information and knowledge among specialists in structural and multibody dynamics, in coupled interacting systems as aero-elasticity, hydro-elasticity, biomechanics, systems with feedbacks and mechatronics. The colloquium DYMAMESI 2021 is cofunded by the Strategy AV21 initiative of the Czech Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, and in 2021 will be hosted by Cracow University of Technology, Institute of Applied Mechanics, Section of Dynamics of Systems.