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Conscious management of expressivity
Shvachko, Elizaveta ; KUDLÁČKOVÁ, Jana (advisor) ; HLAVICA, Lukáš (referee)
Thesis deals with conscious management of expressivity on stage. Firstly the author of the thesis name basic issues related to psychical and physical tension during performance, secondly the author defines basic terminology related to tention and jitter. The core of this work is application of knowledge acquired during studies at DAMU, during first experiences of performances in front of audience during studies and also acquired from first experiences from professional environment of theatre and film. The author also analyzes her personal themes related to her own personality as possible obstacles in order to do acting profession.
Problematics of Fixation in Acting
Vejdělek, Matěj ; KUDLÁČKOVÁ, Jana (advisor) ; HLAVICA, Lukáš (referee)
In the first chapter of my master's thesis I think about acting, resp. the problem of fixation in the actor's work as an anchor in the given circumstances of a stage act, in dialogue with my ideas of acting and the philosophical concept of the life of a creature, inclining towards the ideas of Martin Heidegger and outline of his "Dasein". In the second chapter, I focus on my personal experience of both studies and professional practice in the context of chapter one considerations.
Kratochvílová, Anna ; KUDLÁČKOVÁ, Jana (advisor) ; TICHÁ, Petra (referee)
The work of A.K. attempts to capture the thought-process development of a young actress, which is then mirrored in her approach to her work. Within the scope of her experience, the author addresses the diversity in actors’ approaches to their roles, depending on the genre of the play, as well as the director’s influence with respect to his or her approach, process and even personality. The author outlines the process of preparation for a role, rehearsals and re-runs of roles from the following graduate productions: Denis Kelly: Ritual Slaughter of Gorge Mastromas (A. Svozil, K. Kosová), Ö. Horváth: Stories from the Vienna woods (J. Kačmarčík), I. Vyrypajev: Drunk (A. Burianová) and A. P. Čechov: Gull (I. Krejčí). She also addresses her inspirational experience of immersive theatre as part of the Pomezí project (L. Brychta, Š. Tretiag, K. Součková). Additionally, the author contemplates the issue of a common journey of director and actor in an instance when they have differing tastes, and thus also different opinions regarding the production itself. Finally, the author concludes with a reflection on the essential role of an objective and detached view in production.
Feminism and Ibsen's Nora
Krbcová, Kamila ; ULLRICHOVÁ, Daria (advisor) ; KUDLÁČKOVÁ, Jana (referee)
The bachelor‘s thesis contemplates the relationship between Henrik Ibsen’s dramatic and philosophic work and the feminist movement and fight for the woman’s right. It compares the ideas presented in Ibsen’s plays and the main ideologic pillars of awakening feminist movement. It tries to enlighten why Henrik Ibsen can be counted as a woman’s right fighter despite his denial of this statement. The author dedicates the main part of the thesis to Ibsen’s Doll‘s House and the character of Nora Helmer. Nora Helmer was perceived as a very controversial figure in her times and served as one of the starting cabels of feminist movement awakening. The thesis also contains the analysis of the practical work during rehearsing seclusion production of The Doll’s House and it maps looking for parallels and defining the actual theme of the play in 21st century.
Loužný, Tomáš ; KUDLÁČKOVÁ, Jana (advisor) ; VEDRAL, Jan (referee)
Tomáš Loužný’s Bachelor Thesis follows foundations of his directing work both inside and outside of the realm of school projects. Meanwhile,two basic approaches to the text are being analyzed. First approach could be called interpretational and the second one authorial. The latter includes adaptations of a theatre plays as well as novels. In the first part the key concepts upon which the thesis is built are introduced. Second part comprises of a closer analysis of three productions: Její pastorkyňe (Her Stepdaughter), school production from rural realism, bachelor production of the theatre play Nevinní jsou nevinní (Innocent Are Innocent) and direction of the adaptation of the novel The Confusions of Young Törless, renamed to Synáčci (Mummy’s Boys). Preparatory phase is emhasized. The author mentions rehearsal process itself as well, with the intention to analyze the influence it had on his future approach to directing. He concludes with the question that implicitly appears in all of the chapters: What is actually the difference between adaptation and dramatization?
Voverková, Josefína ; ŠIKTANCOVÁ, Jaroslava (advisor) ; KUDLÁČKOVÁ, Jana (referee)
In my thesis I deal with hidden aspects of feminine soul, whose revelation and comprehension lead to a better understanding of female characters as well as enrichment of stage presence. I examine archetypal nature of a woman, her status throughout history and her psyche. All this knowledge shall deepen my understanding a character and beginning a dialog while creating it.
The relation between text and actor´s gesture,
Vaverka, Josef ; SALZMANNOVÁ, Eva (advisor) ; KUDLÁČKOVÁ, Jana (referee)
During my studies at the Academy of Performing Arts, I studied ancient Greek drama, commedia dell'arte, Shakespearean drama, comedy farce, absurd drama and contemporary English plays. In my master´s thesis I concentrate on the relationship between the text and actor's gestures. I gathered all the historical facts from these books: O. G. Brockett, History of Theatre and Jaromir Kazda Chapters from theater history, unless otherwise stated.
The actor and his body and the importance of movement as a component of character
Kouklová, Nikol ; SALZMANNOVÁ, Eva (advisor) ; KUDLÁČKOVÁ, Jana (referee)
In my thesis I explore the approach of the actor to his role from the perspective of his body language. I analyze the actor's character work using his physical abilities, and utilizing my previous experience (studying at DAMU in professional theater, as well as an internship at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York) I also examine the switches made between spontaneous and technical modes of expression.
Kaňkovský, Filip ; ULLRICHOVÁ, Daria (advisor) ; KUDLÁČKOVÁ, Jana (referee)
In this thesis master student presents rehearsed performances, which were in some way essential for him, and tries to discover the key moment in each of them, which meant another step in his acting experience for him. He describes the path from the first year of the Academy of Performing Arts to the engagement at the National Theatre Prague and wants to find out how does the stage work for him, what does theatre even mean for him and how are his personality traits reflected in his acting work. The student subjectively assess the importance of a link between active rehearsing and studies and deliberately pushes the theoretical knowledge of his future profession through viewed performances, which he considers equally important as just rehearsing and education.
Kosová, Kristýna ; KUDLÁČKOVÁ, Jana (advisor) ; ULLRICHOVÁ, Daria (referee)
The teoretical foundation of this bachelor thesis is a portrait of Tennessee Williams and his autorship of creating distinctive dramatic world. It examines the broader context of his life and art. The practical part is based on the dramaturgical reflection of the bachelor production called Tennessee Blues. It includes an analysis of used plays ? This Property Is Condemned, Twenty-seven Wagons Full of Cotton, Talk to Me Like the Rain and Let Me listen. Furthermore, it describes the concept of production , interpretation of the scenic montage and dramaturgical adaptation of each play.

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