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Landscape policy in the Czech Republic
This PhD Thesis provides insight into the field of landscape policy in the Czech Republic. It gives an overview of various policy instruments for implementation of the European Landscape Convention. It explores landscape as a policy object, and related policy goals in the spatial planning and environmental policy domains of the Czech Republic.
Nudging as a managerial method
NEUMANN, Georg Jakob
The aim of this thesis is to identify the potentials of nudging as a managerial method. The focus is on employees who have no basic apprenticeship in the area in which they operate. The work consists of a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part establishes a common understanding of central terms and creates a uniform basis as well as connecting points. Some forms of nudging, which come into question for the purpose of leadership, are presented. The following practical part tries to combine the insights described in the first part and illustrate them with some examples.
The Influence of Cross-border Cooperation on the competitiveness of Euroregions
COUSSI, Ann-Charlotte
The aim of this thesis is to analyze the influence of cross-border cooperation on the competitiveness of border regions, here Franco-German. For this purpose, the study focuses on two European integration models located on the eastern part of France on the border with Germany: Euroregion TriRhena and Eurodis-trict Pamina. The influence of cross-border cooperation on the competitiveness of Euroregions and Eurodistricts is analyzed through the presentation and evalua-tion of the organization, objectives, areas of competences as well as through the actions and funding of these organizations. The activities and the results of the two chosen examples are compared with respect to beneficial and unfavorable outcomes that may result, revealing also the development opportunities provided by each structure. After presentation of the theoretical context, different forms of cross-border cooperation and the European framework recommended for the integration models are outlined. Finally, discussions around the concept of com-petitiveness are reported. In a second part, the methodological approach includ-ing the choice of the case studies, the data collected and the analysis criteria, is outlined. In a third part, results are compared, evaluated and discussed in order to answer the research question: Does cross-border cooperation improve the competitiveness of Euroregions and Eurodistricts?
Multilingualism and interculturality in international or interregional projects and work environments
BENDOVÁ, Kateřina
The purpose of this work is to carry out qualitative research in order to obtain an in-depth understanding of the NetMe-In project participants´ experiences. The Master thesis is made up of theoretical part, project and team description, research methodology, empirical part and discussion. Firstly, the theoretical part is focused on four main topics: project, team, interculturality and multilingualism. Secondly, a detailed description of the NetMe-In project itself as well as an introduction to all project partners is provided. Thirdly, the research methodology is presented including the author's research method, the recording equipment, the description of interviewees, the interview settings and the description of the interview transcription. Fourthly, the empirical part puts emphasis on analysis and interpretation of the results of the author's interviews. Lastly, the discussion is concentrated on the author's critical reflection of the qualitative research including comments on the author's methodology and the research findings.
Multilingualism and interculturality in international or interregional projects and work environments
This master thesis focuses on multilingualism and interculturality in international projects and work environments. More specifically, it is oriented towards the context of European research projects. The aim of this thesis is to do a qualitative research on the perception and experiences with linguistic and cultural diversity of project partners who are working on European research projects that are funded by the biggest European Research and Innovation programme called Horizon 2020. In the theoretical part, the most important notions such as European research projects, interculturality, communication, multilingualism and lingua franca are defined. After the description of my research method, I proceed to the practical part that is devoted to the presentation and interpretation of interview results.
Regional identity and linguistic identity
RIOUS, Charline
The thesis speaks about the multilingual region Trentino-Alto Adige in Italy. The aim of the research was to define regional and linguistic identity, specifically in the context of this region. In order to do so, I relied on theoretical and empirical data collected through interviews. After having analyzing and interpreting them, I compared them to give my final conclusion.
Migration and regional identity
GAUTIER, Helene Agathe Vanille
Migration is at the centre of human history (Benmayor & Skotnes, 1994, p.5) and it has become easier to migrate inside Europe since the Schengen Area has been implemented in 1995. However, European immigration in France is invisibe and very little researched (Lillo, 2014, p.85). The migration to Brittany is a phenomenom developed recently (Morillon & Etiemble, 2008, p.125) and even if it is gaining momentum, this French region has still the lowest rate of immigrants in France (Economic and Social Council of Brittany, 2007, p.87, INSEE & DRJSCS, 2005, p.5-6). Brittany's regional identity is well known in France (Quand les sondages sont unanimes, 2019, p.44) and this region is defined as one with a strong identity (Kernalegenn, 2011). The aim of this master thesis is to elaborate hypothesis about whether or not European immigrants are aware of Brittany's regional identity before settling in the region, the perception they have of Brittany's regional identity once they live there and finally whether or not their integration in this French region with a strong identity is difficult. This qualitative research is based on four semi-structured interviews with European immigrants and one with a French person born in England, all now living in Brittany.
RadioEurodistrict (RED) - History of the First French-German online radio (2004)
WALKER, Thomas
This paper has considered the history of the Radioeurodistrict (RED) which led to the difficulty of defining the concepts of Eurodistricts and Euroregions. A literature review was undertaken initially, and further information provided by a semi-structured interview with the general secretary of the Strasbourg-Ortenau Eurodistrict (the focus area). In order to understand the objectives to create a Eurodistrict the history of an established Eurégio (Germany-Netherlands) was examined as well as a Euroregion of the Centre-east of Europe (Poland-Czech Republic). The consideration of the history of war and conflict in these European regions further facilitated the understanding of the motivations which are shown to have changed over time. Since the main focus of this paper is the SOE, the motivations to form this Eurodistrict and its specific projects were described. By considering the functioning and administration of these regions, their complexity was examined. The SOE as an EGTC was addressed in relation to the finance and the administration and the role of INTERREG was discussed. The interview greatly enhanced the understanding of the functioning of the SOE. Reasons for the failure of RED radio were surmised and failure of the Eurodistricts examined. Some evidence of failure was provided by newspaper articles from as recent as this year as well as the interviewee who spoke of some of her difficulties. In order to improve future study, weaknesses in the questions asked are addressed and further research ideas put forward.
Implementation of logistics modules of information system in Niedax s.r.o.
The topic of this diploma thesis is focused on implementation of logistic modules of the enterprise information system in the Niedax company. The theoretical part provides information from the field of information systems, supplemented by information about ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), IS/IT expenses and methods of design and implementation of information systems. The practical part briefly describes the selected information system, the company where the information system was implemented, the implementation partner and the BMD information system. Furthermore, and analysis of the current state is carried out and the course of the whole implementation project is described, followed by a practical demonstration of the BMD system. Finally, an evaluation of the project is performed. Evaluation is based in a comparison of the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) values determined in the practical part of the thesis and an evaluation of the questionnaire survey.
Economical aspects of criminal sanction of legal persons
This bachelor thesis deals with selected issues of corporate criminal liability. The emphasis is primarily put on the Czech legislation, mainly on Act No. 418/ 2011 Coll., on Criminal Liability of Legal Entities and their Prosecution. The aim of this bachelor is to find out which criminal action is committed the most and how the penalties from Act No. 418/2011 affects the economy of companies. The bachelor is divided into two parts. The first part includes a description of the legal person, then general issues related to the concept of criminal liability of legal entities, including its historical development, and last chapter is the scope of the Act No. 418/2011 Coll., in particular it examines the extent of criminalization of legal persons and the characteristics of the entities that are subjected to the corporate criminal liability. The second part is focused on the analysis of criminal actions into categories and a position of the Czech Republic in the world.

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