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Characterization of eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 subunits (eIF3) in A. thaliana male gametophyte
Linhart, Filip ; Hafidh, Said (advisor) ; Retzer, Katarzyna (referee)
From RNA-to-protein, translation initiation and protein synthesis is mediated by trans-acting factors that recognize mRNA features common to almost all eukaryotes. Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 complex (eIF3) is a highly conserved protein complex that recognizes 5'-CAP elements of the mRNA to initiate translation. eIF3 consists of nine subunits, three of them having two isoforms: eIF3A, eIF2B1, eIF3B2, eIF3C1, eIF3C2, eIF3D, eIF3E, eIF3F, eIF3G1, eIF3G2, eIF3H and eIF3K. This work deals with functional characterization, expression and subcellular localization of eIF3B1, eIF3B2 and eIF3E in Arabidopsis thaliana male gametophyte and interaction of eIF3E with the Constitutive photomorphogenesis 9 (COP9) complex as a regulatory complex of eIF3E post-translational control. Here we show that depletion of eif3b1 or eif3b2 is not gametophytic lethal and that the two protein might function redundantly, whereas, knockout of eIF3E causes male gametophyte lethality. Interestingly, eif3b1 show post-fertilization defects during embryogenesis, suggesting that its redundancy with eIF3B2 is restricted to the gametophyte. Gene expression studies revealed high expression of eIF3 subunits in actively dividing zones of leaf primordia, root meristem and root elongation zones as well as in the vegetative...
Characterization of the exocyst complex SEC15 subunit in A. thaliana
Aldorfová, Klára ; Hála, Michal (advisor) ; Hafidh, Said (referee)
The final step of secretion termed exocytosis is mediated by the exocyst complex. The exocyst is an evolutionary conserved protein complex that tethers secretory vesicle to the target membrane and consists of eight subunits: Sec3, Sec5, Sec6, Sec8, Sec10, Sec15, Exo84, and Exo70. Sec15 exocyst subunit was previously shown to connect the rest of the exocyst complex with a secretory vesicle in yeast, mammals and fruit fly via interaction with Rab GTPase and GEF of Rab GTPase. Here, I show that plant SEC15B potentially functions in evolutionary conserved manner. First, two mutant lines of Arabidopsis thaliana sec15b mutant were tested in characteristics typical for other exocyst mutants. Although some characteristics reach certain level of plasticity, both sec15b-1 and sec15b-2 show similar tendencies, which are mostly consistent with defects with other mutants in exocyst subunits. sec15b-1 has been determined as a stronger allele that is defective in formation of seed coat, elongation of etiolated hypocotyl, growth of stem and primary root, establishment of axillary branches and lateral roots, diameter of rosette and, unexpectedly, growth of pollen tubes. Phenotype of sec15b-1 was rescued by insertion of SEC15B gene under SEC15B promotor. Second, complementation test showed that SEC15B and SEC15A are...

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