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Historical landscape of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands. Settlement from prehistoric to late medieval times
Bajer, Aleš ; Bísko, Richard ; Dejmal, Miroslav ; Hrubý, Petr ; Malý, Karel ; Mazáčková, Jana ; Machová, Barbora ; Milo, Peter ; Plaček, Miroslav ; Šabatová, Klára ; Těsnohlídek, Jakub ; Zimola, David ; Žahourková, Alena ; Hejhal, Petr
The exhibition catalogue is one of the important possibilities how make public the facts about historical landscape of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands, the preservation of the archaeological monuments, stay of the knowledge and possibilities of their documentation. The good knowledge increases the chances of preservation of unique information’s about our own past in the landscape. Landscape currently is the most significant witness of historical and cultural changes in our country. And as regards the state of preservation of prehistoric archaeological monuments, landscape even is the only witness. One of extraordinary regions in this regard is the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands. It always was and still is a peripheral region, which is not really significantly affected by the ongoing destruction of historical cultural landscape. In chapters of the exhibition catalogue are introduced the issues of research. The catalogue of artefacts documenting the material culture for all investigated periods is published at the end.
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Identification and documentation as a basis for protection of prehistoric and early medieval aboveground monuments
Machová, Barbora ; Šabatová, Klára ; Milo, Peter ; Bíško, Richard ; Tencer, Tomáš
The aim of this methodology is to describe procedures for the identification and documentation of prehistoric aboveground structures that can increase the possibilities of detecting these monuments (identification) and thereby increase the probability of their preservation (protection), and to simultaneously capture the current state monuments (documentation). For identification and documentation presents both traditional and modern methods and especially seeks to show the possibilities of combining these methods and selection of appropriate treatment for a particular kind of monument. Based on current practices and analysis of the state is proposing steps that can lead to improved protection of monuments from the state of conservation, but also non-governmental conservation, including forest and field administrators and the general public.
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1 Šabatová, Kateřina
2 Šabatová, Klára
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