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Dosage of rejuvenating agents to asphalt mixture with high content of RAP
Čumíčková, Markéta ; Coufalíková, Iva (referee) ; Dašek, Ondřej (advisor)
The diploma thesis is focused on the appropriate dosage of rejuvenating agents in asphalt mixtures with high content of RAP. The empirical and functional laboratory tests are described in the theoretical part. The practical part deals with the estimation of the optimal amount of rejuvenating agents by means of laboratory tests so that the rheological properties of the degraded asphalt binder can be restored by suitable dosing into the RAP. As part of the TAČR ZÉTA project, an experimental section of asphalt mixture containing 50 % of the RAP and an appropriate amount of the rejuvenating agents was created. The aim of the thesis is to find an optimal dosage of the rejuvenating agents in the samples of the RAP and laboratory aged asphalt binder of gradation 50/70, to determine the effectiveness of selected rejuvenating agents and to monitor changes in the parameters of the experimental section during the period of time.
Low-temperature behavior of asphalt binders
Čumíčková, Markéta ; Šperka, Pavel (referee) ; Stehlík, Dušan (advisor)
The work is focused on low-temperature behavior of specimens of asphalt binders and polymer modified bitumens. In the theoretical part, the principles and procedures of tests are simply described: Needle Penetration, Softening Point, Bending Beam Rheometer and Fraass breaking point. In the practical part, results of tests are demonstrated to graphs. The aim of thesis is to determine the correlation between tests.

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