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Multi-objective condition assessment of selected parts of water distribution systems
Tauš, Miloslav ; Svoboda,, Miroslav (referee) ; Kriš,, Jozef (referee) ; Tuhovčák, Ladislav (advisor)
The topic of the thesis is multi objective condition assessment of water supply systems. The state of the art of condition assessment of water supply systems and the state of the art of multi objective optimization methods are presented within the thesis. Based on these recherches, the uniform methodology of condition assessment of water supply systems and its 7 modules was designed. The thesis deals with the selected modules to condition assessment of water pumping stations, water networks and pipe sections. The output of the methodology is the assignment of a category of the technical condition to the rated object. The proposed methodology was tested on real water facilities and proves the ability of a fair presentation of the technical condition of the object.
Study of rehabilitation of selected parts of the water network
Tauš, Miloslav ; Kučera,, Tomáš (referee) ; Raclavský, Jaroslav (advisor)
Within this thesis was carried out a reconnaissance of water distribution network of the city of Slavkov u Brna. The reconnaissance consists of: age analysis of piping materials; water losses evaluation; failure rate evaluation. Then was done a condition assessment of water supply network according to a chosen methodology. Using CARE-W LTP RSM software were projected a few technical-economic alternatives of rehabilitation of water network of the city of Slavkov u Brna. Then was prepared a project of rehabilitation of chosen section of water network. The work resulted in recommendations for the owner and operator of the water network of the city of Slavkov u Brna.
Assessment of technical condition of the Hradek water supply network
Tranová, Kateřina ; Tauš, Miloslav (referee) ; Ručka, Jan (advisor)
This bachelor´s thesis aims to assesment of technical condition of the water supply network and hydrants in Hrádek. The semi-quantitave evaluation method called the Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) was used for assessing and evaluation of the technical condition. The outcome of this work is a number of tables and maps of water pipes with the evaluation of the technical condition of the water network and hydrants. A part of the appendix are also drawing, there was assesment of technical condition of the water supply represented and there was a assesment of technical condition of the underground hydrants represented.
Monitoring of drinking water quality in the Czech Republic
Zelníček, Pavel ; Tauš, Miloslav (referee) ; Biela, Renata (advisor)
In first part of bachelor thesis I process drinking water quality, its monitoring, chosen indicators, legislative demands and their historical development. In second part I rate chosen indicators for 4 years based on available monitoring drinking water conducted by State medical institute.
Hydraulic analysis of the Brno - Bystrc water supply system
Hofmannová, Lenka ; Tauš, Miloslav (referee) ; Ručka, Jan (advisor)
The bachelor’s thesis is focused on the hydraulic analysis of water storage Brno – Bystrc. The structure is devided into three parts. The first part is devoted to the research of used and applied methods and all available software tools, especially to the EPANET 2.0 programme, which was used during solving of given issue. The thesis also deals with description of specific campaign, which is the integral part of conducted analysis, and with the very hydraulic analysis, process and with the interpretation of acquired results outcome. The last part is dedicated to methodology of determining of the hydraulic capacity in chosen selected hydrants, which are not primarily intended for the fire protection, in the view of the CSN 73 0873 - Fire protection of buildings- Equipment for fire-water supply.
Design of Water Supply Facilities with the Support of Simulation Software
Pešout, Jakub ; Tauš, Miloslav (referee) ; Kučera, Tomáš (advisor)
The subject of the thesis is the design of water supply facilities with the support of a simulation software. The document is a summary of representative software tools that are used to design water supply sites directly or serve as supportive programs. A short summary of the origin, primary focus, availability and market price of each tool is listed in the survey. Furthermore the individual programs are divided into four groups. The section conveys the software's ability to deal with any of the following issues: - Water quality - Hydraulic analysis and simulation of hydraulic working - Design of water network - Creation of simulation models Subsequently, three chosen programs are subjected to exemplary tests, demonstrating some of the capabilities. The first program is Watpro, on which a design of a water treatment plant is drafted and a subsequent search for the sufficient dose of chemical additives is executed. The second program Epanet 2.0 calculates a model test of a water leak from a pipeline. The result is then compared with the outcome of equation calculation. The last program is Watdis, with which the same example of pipeline leakage is calculated and subsequently compared to the Epanet 2.0 result. The work's aim is to provide an overview of the seventeen selected programs and supply the information to potential users from the ranks of designers and students.
Passport and technical condition assessment of a water supply network
Haman, Michal ; Tauš, Miloslav (referee) ; Ručka, Jan (advisor)
Topic of this bechelor’s thesis is passport and technical conditon assessment of water supply network in village Kateřinice. It contains detailed description of passport’s workflow. Outcome of this thesis is set of detailed technical maps, technical report with technical conditon evaluation of pipelines, objects and armatures.

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