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Capital punishment
Babická, Kateřina ; Novotný, Oto (advisor) ; Vanduchová, Marie (referee)
THE DEATH PENALTY The capital punishment is still a controversial topic in the Czech Republic as well as in the rest of the world today. Even though there are currently 139 countries that do not impose the death penalty by law or as a matter of practice, 58 countries continue to authorise the death penalty for a variety of crimes, including murder, adultery, corruption, rape and robbery. The purpose of my thesis is to analyse the main aspects of the death penalty in order to create a complex view of the issue. In addition to that, I attempted to look at the problem from an original point of view. The thesis is composed of eight chapters. Chapter One is the introduction to the topic. Chapter Two looks at the death penalty in the world today. The chapter is divided into several subchapters characterising the death penalty in the world today in general, the capital punishment and the juveniles, the scope of the death penalty, the capital punishment in practice and the international treaties. Chapter Three summarises the history of the legislation concerning the death penalty in the Czechoslovakia. Chapter Four is subdivided into two main parts. The first part describes the main theories concerning the purpose of the punishment in general. The second part examines relevant Czech legislation dealing with...
Victimization and the possibilities of victimologist prevention
Stárková, Jitka ; Gřivna, Tomáš (advisor) ; Novotný, Oto (referee)
The dissertation work "Victimization and the possibilities of the victimological prevention" is dealing with the dilemma of crime victims with a focus on victimological perspective. The main thesis of this work is dealing with the rights of the victims, related to their solicitous, which are not sufficiently anchorage in the Czech legal rules, on the contrary to the criminal procedure of the victims. The first chapters are dealing with the themes of criminology, victimology and victimization. Next there is an analysis of the international documentation and Czech legal rules which are concerned with the rights of crime victims in terms of solicitude. Then there is the description of a draft law about crime victims, which is the subject of legal process nowadays. At the end of the work there are chapters describing the real help to victims in praxis and the proposals de lege ferenda.
Criminal law application of corruption and bribery
Horník, Jan ; Novotný, Oto (advisor) ; Gřivna, Tomáš (referee) ; Karabec, Zdeněk (referee)
- 1 - Abstract of Jan Horník's dissertation "Criminal law application of corruption and bribery" This dissertation, as it follows from its title, deals with the issues of corruption and bribery, mainly from the perspective of criminal substantive law. The author emphasises the fact that corruption has been discussed as an adverse social phenomenon which has for a long time constituted an issue of not only national dimension, but has been the object of activities of numerous international or multinational organisations due to its diversity and wide spread. Since the media cover corruption-related cases on an almost-daily basis (and we will leave it to the reader whether or not to believe the saying that everyone is corruptible, what only matters is the amount of the bribe offered and the circumstances under which it is offered), the author of this dissertation decided to highlight and explain the aspects related to corruption, and in that context to analyse the applicable laws of the Czech Republic. The aim of this dissertation is to introduce the reader to the general principles of the law applicable to penalisation of corruption, particularly from the perspective of criminal substantive law, and also from the perspectives of criminology and international law. The dissertation offers a general introduction...
The issue of a crime victim in criminology
Chvojková, Kateřina ; Gřivna, Tomáš (advisor) ; Novotný, Oto (referee)
The issue of crime victim in criminology Resume The purpose of my thesis is to describe all aspects of the situation of the victims, to find some problems they have to solve and to suggest the possible solutions of these problems. I find this topic very interesting. In the past, people concerned only with perpetrators of crimes. The victims were ignored. The situation is better now, nevertheless the position of the victims is not as good as it should be. It is necessary to make some changes, mainly to prevent secondary victimization because it is a big problem the victims must deal with. It is also very important to make some changes in our legislation to improve the position of the victims. The thesis is composed of ten chapters which are divided into subchapters. The chapter one deals with victimology. The first part focuses on a history of victimology and the second part deals with its subject. The chapter two concentrates on the term Victim. It also focuses on some aspects that increase the probability of becoming a victim. Finally, the third part of this chapter deals with the typology of the victims. The chapter three describes the process of victimization. Especially it concentrates on primary and secondary victimization, on secondary victimization of the victims of a rape and finally it describes...
The principle of subsidiarity in a criminal law
Raček, Pavel ; Novotný, Oto (advisor) ; Šámal, Pavel (referee)
The principle of subsidiarity in a criminal law Summary The Master's degree thesis analyzes the principle of subsidiarity in a criminal law as an actual topic beacause this principle is included in the new czech penal code in art. 12 para 2: "The crime responsibility and its consequences can be applied only in social harmful cases if an application of an other kind of a law responsibility is insufficient." However before the new penal code was passed the czech Constitutional Court and Supreme Court had dealed with the principle of subsidiarity in a criminal law in their judgments. The first chapter reports on a general definition of the principle of subsidiarity and the ultima ratio principle and concludes that the phrasing in the citied art. 12 para 2 is too "thin" because the criminal law should be subsidiary not only to the other law but also to the all social tools. The second chapter deals with the principle of subsidiarity as a rule for an interpretation. In the new czech penal code this principle can be used only for the interpretation of these words describing crimes which are not expressed to unequivocal. The next chapter refers to the german "theory of law goods" (Rechtsgutstheorie) and the term social harm. The judgements of the german Constitutional Court are taken into consideration. The...
Death penalty
Pilát, Matěj ; Císařová, Dagmar (advisor) ; Novotný, Oto (referee)
Capital Punishment Abstract This paper is aimed at the capital punishment and its usage in modern society. The basic question examined is, whether death penalty can ever be justified as a tool to fight the most heinous crimes. In order to determine the answer this question, I am examining the capital punishment from the point of view of possible functions it can have and weighting it against inherent risks and harms created by it. The first chapter of this thesis is based on description. Firstly it shows the history of using the capital punishment in the area of Czech Republic; secondly I describe the usage around the world - mainly in USA, China and Middle East. Lastly I analyze international law concerned with capital punishment - namely International Covenant on Civil and Political rights and European Charter of Human rights, optional protocols to them and of course court decisions regarding these treaties. The second chapter is aimed at evaluating the possible benefits that using of capital punishment can have - especially when compared to life imprisonment. It is divided according to these functions, which are deterrence of potential criminals, protection of the society from sentenced criminals and the retribution for the crimes committed. In the end I find no clear benefit that executing of felons...
Probation supervision and its application in terms of alternative punishment
Sklenička, Josef ; Novotný, Oto (referee) ; Vokoun, Rudolf (referee)
In my thesis I, first of all, describe the probation institute and I deal with its history as well. Then I continue with a present Czech criminal legislation adopting probation as a modern element in Czech legislation. I deal with the specific cases, where a participation of a probation officer is considered to be necessary. In practice, misdemeanours are mainly concerned; the cases where a sentence of imprisonment is not necessary to be imposed. The culprit's contribution to the settlement of dispute with an aggrieved person is required here more than punishment. In the empiric-experience part of my thesis I present some Czech Probation and Mediation Service statistics, including an adequate commentary. Unambiguously we can say that the heaviest probation officer's workload is done in terms of community service imposition. This works is for him very time-consuming; he has to communicate with both the convicted person and the punishment provider. On the opposite, the new kinds of punishment, namely, house arrest, prohibition to attend sport, cultural and other kinds of events and activities, are not applied very often. My thesis has been enriched by the outcomes of directed interviews, provided by the specialists within the field of probation and other institutions concerned. This research method...
The Crime of Rape - criminal and criminological aspects
Čapková, Táňa ; Gřivna, Tomáš (advisor) ; Novotný, Oto (referee)
THE CRIME OF RAPE - CRIMINAL AND CRIMINOLOGICAL ASPECTS The thesis is composed of six chapters and is focused on criminal and criminological aspects of the crime of rape. I decided to write about this topic especially because of severity of the consequences caused by this crime to the victim and because of the dangerousness of the offender. Chapter One is subdivided into six parts and it contains the introduction to the topic, in particular the outline of the historical development in this area and analysis of the current legislation with focus on terms which could be difficult to interpret. This chapter ends with presentation of static data regarding to the crime of rape and their graphical representation. Next chapter consists of three parts and is focused on the offender of the crime of rape, particularly on his personality, typology and prediction of his future development. Following part of the thesis is subdivided into five parts. It deals in great detail with victims of this type of crime especially with primary and secondary victimization caused to them and with all kinds of help that could be provided to them. Considerable scope of this chapter is dedicated to the bill on victims of the crime which could be from the perspective of current legislation and its deficiencies in case of...
Victimisation and Assistence for Victims of Crime
Hofrichter, Tomáš ; Gřivna, Tomáš (advisor) ; Novotný, Oto (referee)
The aim of my dissertation is to describe in detail the issue of victim of crime. The thesis is composed of seven chapters which include three main topics. The first three chapters create general introduction to the subject, its matter of interest, present historical overview, explain the general terms of the topic, such as victimology, damage, victimity etc., define the subject of victimology and describe the possible factors of the relation between victim and trespasser, their mutual interaction during and after the criminal act. Chapter four concentrates on the negative aftereffects created during the criminal investigation process, which is called victimization. This chapter is divided into four subsections (primary victimization, secondary victimization, tertiary victimization and revictimization). The fifth chapter focuses on assistance to the victim and ways of obtainable compensation. The chapter mainly deals with family assistance, psychological assistance and social assistance. In connection with the psychological assistance, the chapter gives a brief overview on Bílý kruh bezpečí (White Circle of Safety), its activities and work methodology. This chapter also deals with rights of victims and protection of witnesses. The chapter six describes current Czech proposal of the Act on Victim of...
Death penalty
Dvořáková, Kateřina ; Císařová, Dagmar (advisor) ; Novotný, Oto (referee)
1 Death Penalty - Summary As the theme of my thesis, I've chosen the death sentence. Such sentence has accompanied the human society from the early times. From the history to these days, it helped to maintain the public order and the law enforcement. The public order was seen differently in each society and every historical stage. However, there was always one thing in common, it intended to protect life, safety, law enforcement and community rules. During the period of economic growth, abundance and prosperity, the society tends to treat law and public order intruders more liberally. The "western part" of civilization is currently at this evolution stage. Our country is firmly integrated into the European Union. There is a straightforward common understanding. The death penalty is prohibited and it has to be respected. The world tends away from the death penalty in general. I've outlined the questions to be addressed at the introduction part of the thesis. I structured the dissertation into ten chapters. Further supplements are attached to the material, including the photographic documentation provided on my own, deeds and other documents related to the topic. I explain the definition of the death sentence and its purpose in the first chapter. I introduce different theories about the purpose of the death...

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