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Electronic transfer between nanostructures. Negative differential resistance in conductive polymers.
Král, Karel ; Menšík, Miroslav
The effect of negative differential resistance can be observed experimentally in some material systems based on polymers. These observation are explained usually to be due to the presence of certain carrier traps which can capture the carriers of the electric current. In the present theoretical work we are going to show that besides this carrier trapping origin of the negative differential resistance there can also be an intrinsic mechanism present, causing such an effect. Namely, instead of the traps, the electron-phonon interaction can cooperate with the tunneling of the charge carriers between their localized states and can provide the effect the negative differential resistance. This electron-phonon interaction is included in a non-perturbative way. The theory will be briefly summarized and explained.
Generator of nanotubes
Macková, Kateřina ; Mareš, Martin (advisor) ; Král, Karel (referee)
The clay mineral called halloysite with crystalline structure is widely used in the world of physics due to its effective properties. The main goal of this thesis is to create a program that creates various tubular nanostructures of this material according to input crystal cell and other parameters. After the creation, whole halloysite structure can be used for other physical research.
Czechoslovak and Czech Pharmacy - Expressions, Impacts and Consequences of the Genocide of Jews and Other Forms of Racial Persecution
Arndt, Tomáš ; Dohnal, František (advisor) ; Kovář, Martin (referee) ; Král, Karel (referee)
1. Introduction In this PhD thesis, I set out to map the fate of Jewish pharmacists who worked mainly in pharmacy (or owned it) during the interwar Czechoslovak Republic in the period 1939 to 1945. I paid attention to the Jews working in industry, science and education in pharmacy in this time period. This theme has not yet been processed (now available one study and partial articles on Jews in pharmacy, but this study is concerned with an older time period). My motivation was to repay a debt to my colleagues, who mostly perished in the Shoah. In the Czech lands lived in 1931 117551 Jews, in Bohemia 76 301 Jews, in Moravia and Silesia 41 250 Jews. In Bohemia lived more than 50 % of Jews in Prague, on the contrary in Moravia and Silesia only more than 25 % of Jews lived in Brno (more of them lived in the country and let downs). Pharmaceutical higher education in Austria was officially launched in 1804, one year in medical school. In the winter semester of 1834/1835 was extended for two years. In 1864, the study finally moved to the faculty of philosophy, after 1919 (now only in Czechoslovakia), the Faculty of Science. Before the division of the university in Prague in 1882, was the first pharmacy student Josef Jeiteles, who graduated in 1852.Doctoral degree in chemistry according to the then rules...
Transfer of electrons or holes between localized states. Application to polymer electric conductivity
Král, Karel ; Menšík, Miroslav
Basing on the quantum transport formalizm a formula for the irreversible transfer of charged particles has been introduced by us recently. This formula is expected to be suitable for the theoretical description of the electron or hole transfer between quantum dots, other nanoparticles, molecules, and so on. We discuss shortly the main physical properties of the formula. We also demonstrate the use of the formula for the theoretical analysis of the electronic physical properties of some electrically conductive polymers.\n
Data structure behavior with variable cache size
Král, Karel ; Koucký, Michal (advisor) ; Mareš, Martin (referee)
Cache-oblivious algorithms are well understood when the cache size remains constant. Recently variable cache sizes have been considered. We are motivated by programs running in pseudo-parallel and competing for a single cache. This thesis studies the underlying cache model and gives a generalization of two models considered in the literature. We give a new cache model called the "depth model" where pages are accessed by page depths in an LRU cache instead of their ad- dresses. This model allows us to construct cache-oblivious algorithms that cause a certain number of cache misses prescribed by an arbitrary function computable without causing a cache miss. Finally we prove that two algorithms satisfying the regularity property running in pseudo-parallel cause asymptotically the same number of cache misses as their serial computations provided that the cache is satisfying the tall-cache assumption.
History of Diabetes Treatment in the Czech counties
Krejčová, Jindřiška ; Dohnal, František (advisor) ; Svačina, Štěpán (referee) ; Král, Karel (referee)
Charles University in Prague Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové Department of Social and clinical pharmacy Autor: Jindřiška Krejčová Supervisor: Doc. PhDr. František Dohnal, CSc. Title of diploma thesis: History of diabetes treatment in the Czech countries The aims and objectives of the dissertation is to capture the historical development of the treatment of diabetes mellitus in the Czech countries from the earliest times to the present. Diabetes mellitus is a group of diseases whose common feature is hyperglycemia (high blood glucose). It is characterized by impaired secretion or insulin action, and is also associated with impaired metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. About 250 million people suffer from diabetes today and diabetes causes about 5 % of all deaths worldwide , so we can talk even about the global epidemic. In 2012, more than 841 thousand people suffered from diabetes in the Czech Republic, which is about 8% of the Czech population . This represents an increase of number of registered diabetics by about 16,000 people in comparision of the year 2011. Diabetes represents not only health , but also a significant economic burden .Historical data on the methods of treatment of diabetes in the Czech lands were mostly taken from the journal "Časopis lékařů českých" ( published...
Viditelnostní grafy
Král, Karel ; Valtr, Pavel (advisor) ; Balko, Martin (referee)
In the thesis we study visibility graphs focusing on the Big Line Big Clique conjecture. For a given finite point set P in real plane we say that two points see each other if and only if the open line segment between them contains no point from P. Points from P are vertices of the visibility graph, and two points are connected by an edge if and only if they see each other. Kára et al. conjectured that for every finite big enough point set there are at least ℓ collinear points, or the clique number of its visibility graph is at least k. In the thesis we generalize the conjecture, and thus provide an alternative proof for k = ℓ = 4. We also review related known results. We strengthen an observation about occurrence of a Hamiltonian cycle in visibility graphs. We characterize the asymptotic behavior of the edge chromatic number of visibility graphs. We show that for given n, ℓ, k the original conjecture is decidable by a computer. We also provide computer experiments both for the generalized and for the original conjecture. 1
History of pharmacy in the region of the city Karviná
Nedobová, Andrea ; Dohnal, František (advisor) ; Král, Karel (referee)
THE HISTORY OF PHARMACIES IN THE SELECT REGION OF THE CITY KARVINÁ Student: Nedobová Andrea Tutor: Doc. PhDr. František Dohnal, Csc. Social and Clinical Pharmacy Department, Pharmaceutical Faculty in Hradec Králové, The Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic Background: History and development of the pharmaceutical service in the city Karviná and Havířov from the beginning to the present date. Aim: Map the history of pharmacies and pharmacists in the city Karviná a Havířov from the beginning to the present date. Methods: Processing the historical written resources which were obtained from the Czech Pharmaceutical Museum in Kuks, State District Archive in Karviná, Museum in Český Těšín and the so far existing chronicles of some pharmacies. Talks with personal observers. Results: The first pharmacy had been established in Karviná probably in 1837. Until 1918, there were three pharmacies in the city Karviná and on the territory of today city Havířov. In years 1918 to 1948, three pharmacies in the select region of the city Karviná and on the territory of today Havířov were opened. After 1948, the oldest pharmacies in Karviná were closed and the next pharmacies were established. After 1989, a number of pharmacies were privatized and there are currently 13 pharmacies in the city Karviná and 21...
Pharmacy Practice in the Prostějov Region during the Health Care Development Process after the 1989
Navrátilová, Eva ; Dohnal, František (advisor) ; Král, Karel (referee)
Pharmacy Practice in the Prostějov Region during the Health Care Development Process after the 1989 Student: Eva Navrátilová Tutor: Doc. PhDr. František Dohnal, CSc. Social and Clinical Pharmacy Department Pharmaceutical Faculty in Hradec Králové The Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic Theme: Pharmacy Practice in the Prostějov Region during the Health Care Development Process after the 1989 Objective: Survey of the history of pharmacies and pharmacists in the Prostějov Region after the 1989 during the health care development process. Methods: Excerption of the availability literature, processing the regional newspapers that were obtained from the Town library in Prostějov and Town archive in Prostějov, the questionnaires, the materials of the district corporation of the pharmacists and interviews with the local pharmacy keepers. Results: Before 1989 in the Prostějov Region there were 12 pharmacies, 6 in the region and 6 in the city of Prostějov. After the 1989 many new pharmacies were established. Some pharmacies have established the OOVL (a small pharmacy by their "mother pharmacy"), their expansion have begun after the 1998. In the city of Prostějov we can find the pharmacies in the supermarkets too. Some historical pharmacies and some new have disappeared because of their competition. In...

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