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Composite Formula Student Wheel
Jelínek, Josef ; Řehák, Kamil (referee) ; Janoušek, Michal (advisor)
This master thesis represents a step forward in vehicle dynamics of TU Brno Racing Formula Student team from Brno University of Technology monoposts. A detailed research focused on light automotive wheels. Its main part is to design and make a composite wheel for a formula monopost Dragon 9. The wheel design was formed from the rules side, car packaging, forces acting and limits of composite parts production. There’s a collection of CAD documentation of wheel designs, moulds and connected fixtures. The designed moulds for hollow carbon fiber wheels were manufactured. The technology in making of composite wheels is described in detail. Also, the ways of testing the wheel before a straight use on a race car were designed. There are several wheel prototypes made as an outcome of this thesis. The wheel design is reviewed in terms of functionality and manufacturing side of things.
Formula Student Wheel Design Using Composite Materials
Jelínek, Josef ; Janoušek, Michal (referee) ; Ramík, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor thesis represents a step for performance improvement of a Formula Student race car monopost of TU Brno Racing team at Brno University of Technology. A detailed research focused on light automotive wheels and suitable materials is only a beginning of this work. Its main part is choosing a light weight wheel concept, creation of a new wheel design and its simulations by finite element method. A deep analysis of vehicle dynamics aims to find the most accurate input data for the simulations. The development of a new wheel is intended to cooperate with the latest monopost generation, Dragon 7. The best choice including the desired material properties is made to use composite materials. A new CAD wheel model had been created. It was recreated into a simulation model and analysed afterwards. The analysis output data are compared to some of the best alternatives among the market and the results confirm this project has a great potential. Therefore the next procedure is projected.
Design and analysis of racing pneumobile frame
Jelínek, Josef ; Roupec, Jakub (referee) ; Ranuša, Matúš (advisor)
This bachelor thesis reacts to the changes in the Aventics Pneumobil competition in the new season and proposes a solution to eliminate problems affecting drivability of the vehicle which were identified previously. Part of this thesis aims to analyze recent Institute of machine and industrial design at Brno University of Technology’s pneumobile vehicles frames and their problems. It also contains a whole new frame designing process. There are basic informations about the Aventics Pneumobil competition and its rules connected to this thesis. The process of designing a new frame requests a lot of input quantities of the vehicle. A lot of them were unknown and had to be set in order to gain the desired vehicle properties. The main part of the thesis is the construction part. A detailed CAD model is designed on the basis of chosen vehicle concept. It is then exported into a Finite element software for a strength analysis. All results are summarized in the conclusion and the next procedure is recommended.
Franchising form of cooperation with adidas Czech republic
Jelínek, Josef ; Cimler, Petr (advisor) ; Hommerová, Dita (referee)
The aim of the Bachelor's thesis is to describe and analyse current franchise system in adidas ČR, l. t. d. and on the basis of outputs recommend systematic changes which are applicable and lead into system efficiency of cooperation with franchise partners of adidas ČR l. t. d. The theoretical part uses background research to deal with the view of the problems of a franchise model based on available resources. The aim of the first theoretical part of the thesis is to obtain basic information on the development of franchising, to introduce a definition of franchising, its characteristics, types and terms, including a description of the current situation and development of franchising in the Czech Republic. The aim of the second theoretical part is to describe the systemic advantages of franchising and also its advantages and disadvantages for both parties participating in this business model - the franchisee and the franchisor. The theoretical analysis is a prerequisite for the practical part of the thesis, the aim of which is to use seven years of experience in the business department at adidas ČR l. t. d. and to analyze the current franchising system at adidas ČR l. t. d., its pros and cons, with an effort to develop recommendations for systemic changes that would be applicable for improving the system of cooperation with franchise partners of adidas ČR l. t. d.
Puppets on KALD (Department of Altelrnative and Puppet Theatre)
Jelínek, Josef ; KOČVAROVÁ, Markéta (advisor) ; BEČKA, Marek (referee)
Graduate thesis entitled Puppets on KALD (KALD means abbreviation of the name Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre of The Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague - DAMU) describes and compares the tendencies and methods of teaching of puppetry in the period from 1978 to 1981 as compared to the period from 2008 to 2012. The thesis is based on the description of the puppeteering pedagogy as experienced by two generations of students. The thesis compares the extent of puppetry practice during studies, possibilities of developing student´s own projects and also evaluates, how are the current graduates of KALD prepared for their future proffesion and how were the graduates of Department of Puppetry prepared in the past. The thesis attempts to find answers to the problém, why recently among students of Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre there is growing decline in their interest in puppet theatre and also seeks solutions, how to again revive this traditional theatre genre for general public

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