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Characterization of atmospheric particulate matter by diffusive gradient in thin film (DGT) technique
Gregušová, Michaela ; Dočekal, Bohumil
In this study, characteristics of heavy metal contamination in road dust collected from urban area with heavy traffic in Brno, Czech Republic was investigated. The DGT probes were exposed in aqueous suspensions of particulate matter for different time periods to monitor responses of the sample matter. The road dust and DGT sorption gels were decomposed by microwave assisted extraction and analyzed by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry for estimation of trace metals contents. The results revealed that the traffic appears to be responsible for the high levels of Cu, Pb, Ni and Sb and also that DGT technique, as alternative to conventional extraction procedures is a useful tool for characterization of metals mobility.
New modification of diffusive gradient in thin film technique (DGT) for determination of metals in sediments
Gregušová, Michaela ; Dočekal, Bohumil
The diffusive gradient in thin film (DGT) technique has been used for measuring fluxes and concentrations of labile metal species in waters, soils and sediments. The DGT probes offer a number of advantages over other conventional monitoring techniques as grab sampling, by reducing the errors of sample storage and transportation. Spatially resolved DGT responses were indicative of local redistribution of uranium in naturally uranium poor and rich sediments.
Morfologie‚ chemická a toxikologická charakteristika pouličního prachu a suspendovaných prachových částic‚ včetně určení zdrojů původu
Centrum dopravního výzkumu, v.v.i., Brno ; Del favero, David ; Dočekal, Bohumil ; Večeřa, Zbyněk ; Mikuška, Pavel ; Ličbinský, Roman ; Huzlík, Jiří ; Adamec, Vladimír
Cílem řešení projektu je prohloubení znalostí a získání nových poznatků o chování, složení, morfologii a zdrojích pouličního prachu, a tím i suspendovaných pevných částic na lokalitách zatížených mobilními zdroji znečištění. Hodnocení vlivu látek vyskytujících se v ovzduší na sledovaných lokalitách (Brno - Kotlářská, Ostrava - Bartovice) jak z pohledu životního prostředí (toxikologické testy), tak zdraví člověka (odhad zdravotních rizik shodně označují ve sledovaných faktorech za více zatíženou lokalitu Brno Bartovice, i když druhou lokalitu nelze označit za vyhovující. Odhad celkového individuálního karcinogenního rizika je vyšší než uznávaná zdravotně bezpečná hodnota na všech sledovaných lokalitách.
Morphology, chemical and toxicological characterisation of road dust and particulate matter including sources apportionment: Final report - summary
Adamec, Vladimír ; Huzlík, Jiří ; Ličbinský, Roman ; Effenberger, Karel ; Mikuška, Pavel ; Večeřa, Zbyněk ; Dočekal, Bohumil ; Vojtěšek, Martin
Project brought new scientific results in the field of chemical composition, physical and toxicological characterization of street dust and particulate matter. Chemical analyses and statistical methods including receptor modelling result in identification their sources.
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Unique exposure system for the whole body inhalation experiments with small animals
Večeřa, Zbyněk ; Mikuška, Pavel ; Dočekal, Bohumil ; Vojta, Šimon ; Míšek, Ivan ; Moravec, Pavel ; Smolík, Jiří
The especially inhalation chamber is constructed for chronic exposure studies of small animals to nanoparticles under strictly controlled conditions in frame of project „Study of transport of inhalated nano-sized particles (Pb, Cd) and their allocation in organs“. The inhalation chamber builds from a glass and stainless steel and makes possible long-term inhalation procedures (up to 60 days, 24 hours/day) with up to four discrete groups of mice population (up to 60 individuals each) or of rats population (up to 20 individuals each) under controlled illumination, temperature, relative humidity, doses (0.5 x 106 - 5 x 106 particles/cm3) and size (10-60 nm) of nano-sized particles which are synthesized via aerosol route in a hot wall tube flow reactor using metal organic precursors.
Characterization of a new 8-hydroxyquinoline modifed resin gel for DGT technique
Gregušová, Michaela ; Dočekal, Bohumil
This study deals with a new resin gel based on Spheron-Oxin® ion exchanger with anchored specific groups of 8-hydroxyquinoline for DGT technique. The performance of this new binding phase was tested for determination of Cd, Cu, Ni, Pb and U under laboratory conditions. The new binding phase with a higher selectivity to race metal species than Chelex 100 could potentially provide more information on metals speciation in aquatic systems.
Direct solid sampling electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry
Dočekal, Bohumil
The lecture summarizes why and how to use direct solid sampling analysis by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry.
Characterization of metal accessability in soils by investigation of influence of moisture content on response in DGT technique
Mládková, Z. ; Dočekalová, H. ; Dočekal, Bohumil
Metal accessability in soils was studied by investigation of influence of moisture content on response in DGT technique.
Identification of volatile contaminants in air and atmospheric aerosol in agricultural enviroment
Hrdlička, Jan ; Večeřa, Zbyněk ; Mikuška, Pavel ; Dočekal, Bohumil ; Ciganek, M.
We present sampling and analysis of volatile and semi-volatile organic polutants using a cylindrical wet effluent diffusion denuder and atmospheric aerosols on filters in agricultural enviroment

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