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Residual stresses of laser-welded pressure vessel steel determined by X-ray and neutron diffraction
Trojan, K. ; Vlk, A. ; Čapek, J. ; Hervoches, Charles ; Ganev, N.
To gain insight into the quality of the laser weld, information about the residual stress state across the weld is very useful. In this contribution, the residual stress profiles for lowalloy carbon steel plates of P355NL1 grade, which were laser welded from both sides, are presented. To separate the effects of the production of plates from the welding process, the samples were annealed for stress relieving. Using X-ray and neutron diffraction, the surface and bulk RS profiles were obtained. From the obtained data, first, the difference in the character of the longitudinal (parallel to the weld axis) and the transversal component of the RS tensor can be seen. The longitudinal component has a tensile character with a maximum value approximately 500 MPa. Values and character of the transversal component vary strongly with depth and distance from the weld axis.
Henri Bergson: Philosophy and Perception
Hřídel, Jan ; Čapek, Jakub (advisor) ; Petříček, Miroslav (referee)
(in English): The thesis deals with Henri Bergson's theory of perception. Bergson approached the problem of perception in an original way, namely in terms of life, action and movement. The starting point of this inquiry is his claim that if perception is de iure a picture of the whole but de facto confined to what we are interested in, then we should not ask how perception is produced, but how it is limited. I trace this line of thought mainly in the work Matter and Memory; subsequently, I try to relate it to Bergson's urge that perception should be expanded and deepened beyond the level of attention given to practical activity. I develop the notion of expanded perception on the basis of Bergson's texts in The Creative Mind, and in this connection I reflects on mental life as a movement on the continuum, two senses of life and two conceptions of freedom.
Foucault's Philosophy of Freedom
Petříček, Jan ; Čapek, Jakub (advisor) ; Švec, Ondřej (referee)
In this thesis, we interrogate the possibility of freedom presupposed by the project of philosophical critique developed by late Foucault, which aims both at analysis of historical a priori conditions and at disruption of our present a priori. The first chapter shows that this critical project can be traced back to Foucault's early works. Moreover, Foucault tackled the problem of freedom in every phase of his work and he kept proposing the same solution, namely, that the spaces of freedom are opened up by ruptures emerging within the system governing a given period. Next, different concepts of freedom present in Foucault's texts are distinguished. On this basis, it is possible to restate the question of critic's freedom, which we now define as the problem of articulation between the ontological freedom, the reflective freedom and the freedom of transformation. The second chapter is devoted to Foucault's archaeological period. First, we show how the conception presented in The Order of the Things leads to aporias regarding the question of freedom. Next, we describe the theoretical transformations carried out in The Archaeology of Knowledge and examine whether Foucault succeeded in eliminating the earlier difficulties. However, this later solution also turns out to be unsatisfactory, because it falls...
Patočka's Post-War Phenomenology of Human Being
Raška, Štěpán ; Čapek, Jakub (advisor) ; Švec, Ondřej (referee)
This bachelor thesis aims to present an interpretation of Patočka's post-war phenomenology of human being. It deals mainly with the Patočka's work Eternity and Historicity from 1947 and try to propose a complex interpretation of Patočka's conception of human being that is a main topic of this work. On the one hand it tries to show that Patočka's concept is being formed in the discussion with other philosophers and is strongly influenced from the other concepts. Especially from Husserl, Heidegger and Sartre. On the other hand, it points on the fact, that Patočka brings something original as well. My interpretation gives an accent on the motives of "dialectics of negative affection" and "historicity" of human being. These are two main points to see how Patočka understands the man. First and foremost, aims my bachelor thesis to present Patočka's antropology as subjectivistic and existentional. Because Patočka frame his antropology as a specific ethics, deals my text with relevance of Patočka's concept for a moral philosophy as well.
Czech Mayors - Case Study of Písek District Between Years 2006-2014
Čapek, Jakub ; Jüptner, Petr (advisor) ; Průdková, Karolína (referee)
This bachelor's thesis is a case study that deals with research of mayors in the Písek district between years 2006-2018. Mayors of the Písek district were statistically analyzed from several point of views in the order to characterize and identify changes on this position for the last four election periods. The thesis discovers how often were the mayors reelected and for how long, as well as how many women mayors were elected, and if their numbers increase or decrease. Also, the average age of mayors and their participation in political parties were studied, eventually their nominations on the lists of candidates of political parties. The mayoral bonus is also discussed in the thesis. The mayoral bonus means that mayor gets more votes in the second election than in the first one. The topic is examined in the whole district and in small and bigger villages. It concerns mayor bonus in the case of mayors on the lists of candidates and compares all the election's results during the examined years. For this thesis the data used were collected from the server of Czech statistical office - and also from the Písek district archive, Union of villages of the Písek region, Ministry of Interior of Czech Republic as well as from the original research. The data were analyzed by the simple statistical...
The Ontological Mystery in Gabriel Marcel's Philosophy
Zeman, Daniel ; Petříček, Miroslav (advisor) ; Čapek, Jakub (referee)
The purpose of the thesis is to explain the most significant points in Gabriel Marcel's thinking, which means his idea of "concrete philosophy", distinction between problematic and meta-problematic (mystery), the ontological need and the existential notion of hope. It should be indicated at least that it is necessary to understand Marcel's accounts as primarily philosophical, not theological, even though he is numbered among french Christian thinkers. The thesis proceeds from several diverse writings, because of Marcel's essayistic rather than systematic style, though mainly from his most coherent publication called Le Mystère de l'Être.
Husserl's Theory of Knowledge
Bárta, Tomáš ; Čapek, Jakub (advisor) ; Roreitner, Robert (referee)
The main aim of this thesis is to introduce Husserl's theory of knowledge. The whole work is prefaced by the interpretation of Husserl's idea of the failure of modern science and its societal consequences. The following is an explanation specifying the problem of knowledge as a problem of the transcendence of consciousness towards the cognized object. In the summary of Husserl's critique of the origin and development of modern science and philosophy is the focus laid on the motives that prove the impossibility of solving the problem of knowledge using objectivistic respectively naturalistic concepts. On the other hand, Husserl's answer to the problem of knowledge is the analysis of the constitution of subjectivity in the field of transcendental consciousness. In the final chapter, Patočka's critique of several key concepts of Husserl's phenomenology is outlined.
Being-Towards-Death: Death and Temporality in Martin Heidegger's Philosophy
Chvojková, Stela ; Čapek, Jakub (advisor) ; Švec, Ondřej (referee)
This bachelor thesis aims to present a complex analysis of the conception of death and being- towards-death in the philosophy of Martin Heidegger, especially in Being and Time. The analysis starts with showing what death can not be by rejecting the prevailing understanding of death. Then it deals with the way Heidegger defines death as the specific possibility of Dasein, which can only be understood from the relationship to one's own end. It points to the importance of the role that death and certainty of one's finitude are playing in the ontology of Dasein, both in itself and as a fundament of authentic and inauthentic mode of existence. The final part presents a possible solution to the problem of the change from inauthenticity to authenticity and also deals with the ontological position of anxiety.
The Relation of the Real and the Illusory in the works of Henri Bergson
Hollmannová, Barbora ; Švec, Ondřej (advisor) ; Čapek, Jakub (referee)
In his writings, Bergson criticizes the scientific concept of time as a discontinuous and homogeneous succession. According to Bergson, scientific methods do not lead to an authentic knowledge of the reality which is inherently continuous and heterogeneous for him. The more we objectify and conceptualize the world, the more far away are we from being aware of it and actually grasping it. The reason for this distance or distortion is our intellect that always operates with a linear concept of time and always serves everyday conduct. Thus it works with the delusion of time that produces a useful but to some extent illusory knowledge. The question for this thesis is how inteligence or intellect meets with reality in spite of their different nature. What makes it possible to connect our practical needs with reality. Is the world we are living in, the world of our practical life, real or just an illusion of reality? And how can we understand the meaning of our scientific cognition in this sense?
Security of Online Client-Server Applications
Čapek, Jan ; Malinka, Kamil (referee) ; Orság, Filip (advisor)
This thesis is dedicated to security of client-server applications running on Windows platform. In the beginning chapters it is possible to find motivation, about why this type of security is important. Following content describes some elements of used architecture and elements of operating system Windows. The core of the work contains techniques and tools used by the attacker and protection against them. In following chapter there is a design and implementation of the security solution based on the previous theory. This solution is then tested against various threats, to verify its effectivity.

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