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Time and Frequency Transfer Using Satellite Based Augmentation System GAGAN
Pánek, Petr ; Kuna, Alexander
Aided Geo Augmented Navigation) is an Indian SBAS (Satellite Based Augmentation Systems). In contrast to the European EGNOS, this system already supports the navigation function and it transmits signals both in L1 and L5 frequency channels. We used the GAGAN signals for an experimental common-view time transfer between IPE Prague and PTB Braunschweig which is a distance of 370 km and we also tested the time transfer properties using a single clock common-view. The L1 and ionosphere-free code measurements have markedly lower accuracy compared to a GPS common-view because of rather narrow bandwidth of the SBAS signal in L1 frequency channel. L5 code measurement provides much better precision. It results from the single clock common-view that the observed fluctuations can be described as white noise with standard deviations of 6 ns, 1.3 ns and 14 ns for L1, L5 and ionosphere-free combination. The results obtained from the carrier phase measurements are promising. The single clock common-view precision was approximately 30 ps RMS even for the ionosphere-free combination.

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