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Collective administration of copyright and neighbouring and relating rights
Rychtářová, Kamila ; Wünschová Pujmanová, Alexandra (advisor) ; Císařová, Zuzana (referee)
- Collective administration of copyright and neighbouring and related rights Key words: collective administration (kolektivní správa); copyright (autorské právo) This thesis is focused on the collective administration of copyright and neighbouring and related rights performed in accordance with Act No. 121/2000 Coll., on Copyright, as amended (the "Copyright Act"). I have chosen this topic for my thesis because I am interested in collective administration and because it is up-to-date topic for its close relation to the development of new ways of creation, production and use of works, to the mass use of computer and communication networks and also to the on-line sharing of works through the internet. The purpose of my thesis is to provide explanation of the collective administration and focus on certain issues which are not yet solved by the legal regulation and are not consistently interpreted by legal experts. This thesis is composed of nine chapters, in which I address to the concept, function and history of the collective administration. Further, I describe the institute of the collective administration, i.e. prerequisites and method of grating license for its operation and supervision over its operation. I also mention which rights is the collective administrator entitled to administer and how...
Trade mark law and the issues of parallel imports under Czech law
Pavlík, Ondřej ; Dobřichovský, Tomáš (advisor) ; Wünschová Pujmanová, Alexandra (referee)
The purpose of the thesis is to analyse the phenomenon of parallel imports, define the pros and cons of parallel trade for respective entities and also society as a whole as well as describe how the trademark law may influence parallel importation of trademarked goods. In addition, the thesis analyses individual means of legal protection against parallel imports identified as illegal. After the introduction summarizing why it is appropriate to deal with the parallel importation phenomenon, the second part of the thesis describes the basic concepts in the context of parallel import issues: trademarks, parallel imports and exhaustion of trademark rights. The second part also describes the positive and negative impacts of parallel trade and why the doctrine of exhaustion of trademark rights appears to be the most appropriate way how to solve the difficulties in the relationship between trademark owners and parallel importers. The third part of the thesis aims to provide a reader with the basic sources of law which affect the phenomenon of parallel importation from the trademark law's point of view. As it follows from the third part of the thesis and also the whole work, the key legal source for the European region, including the Czech Republic, is the law of the European Union together with the case...
Collective administration of copyright and neighbouring and relating rights
Burda, Matěj ; Wünschová Pujmanová, Alexandra (advisor) ; Žikovská, Petra (referee)
Collective administration of copyright and neighbouring and relating rights Abstract This thesis relates to the collective administration, the reasons for its existence and development to this day. The purpose of my thesis is to describe rights and responsibilities of collecting societies in respect to other relevant legal persons and to evaluate their function with regards to the criticism among public about its abundance. Furthermore, the thesis analyses the influence of the International law and European law on the aspects of collecting societies in the legislation of the Czech Republic. The author also considers the rulings of both national courts, as well as The Court of Justice of the European Union. The thesis is divided into seven chapters. The first two chapters deal with the development of the collective administration in the world and in the Czech Republic. The third chapter is about the effective law regarding collective administration. The author discusses individual collective societies in the Czech Republic. Together with the description, thesis highlights legal issues respective society had to face. Next chapter features the individual regimes of collective administrated rights. The chapter concludes on rights and responsibilities of societies towards the right holders, rights users and the...
Painting art work as the subject of the legal negotiations
Cenkerová, Markéta ; Dobřichovský, Tomáš (advisor) ; Wünschová Pujmanová, Alexandra (referee)
in English Painting as an Object of Jurudical Acts The work is focused on individual types of legal proceedings connected with the painter's artwork. First, it offers an excursion to the basics of copyright, its development and contemporary issues. The work provides classification of copyright in the system of intellectual property rights and briefly explains the differences between continental and Anglo-American concepts. The following chapters attempt to define the terms "author", "work" and "painting". Then, it deals in more detail with specific types of artworks, such as restoration, book illustrations, derived works, parody and cartoon and street-art. In the next chapter, the thesis explains the relationship between the author and the owner of the work and some copyright restrictions that this situation brings, in the subchapter the work analyzes the export of painting artworks abroad. In its main part, the work gradually focuses on the individual types of legal proceedings connected with the painting, their characteristics and their adaptation. In the sorting of different ways of using it proceeds according to the system of the law, the largest range is devoted to the sale and purchase of the painter's artwork. In the subchapters, the work deals with the issue of pricing of painting artworks,...
Legal instruments of protection of copyright and the related rights
Tomková, Lenka ; Dobřichovský, Tomáš (advisor) ; Wünschová Pujmanová, Alexandra (referee)
This doctoral thesis deals with a quite wide theme - legal means of copyright protection and related rights. The objective of this work is to present forms of violation of copyright and copyright related rights and particular possibilities of protection from such violations. Shortages in copyright are pointed out in the thesis together with proposalsof possible solutions. Attention is also paid to preliminary questionsasked within the frame of disputes of copyright and related rights. Its extensive part is dedicated to present practice of courts in the Czech Republic andwithin EU as well, when different resolutions in similar cases are pointed to.In the thesis there is also an analysis of violation of copyright and related rights, accordance of EU Law Court resolutions, and accordance of Czech expressions with general lawyers' standpoints. Final part of the thesis is used for comments to the last amendment of copyright andalso to EU Law harmonisation and efforts to reform EU Law and related questions. The thesis represents a general view of protection of copyright, legal meansserving to such protection and summary of the most important practice of courts within the given theme frame, though it is a very wide theme.
Media Law in the field of broadcasting
Morgensteinová, Denisa ; Wünschová Pujmanová, Alexandra (advisor) ; Žikovská, Petra (referee)
v angličtině Diploma thesis is focused on media law in the area of broadcasting. The sources for the diploma thesis were broadcasting legal frameworks of the Czech Republic and the European Union, available case-law and doctrinal findings. The goal of the diploma thesis is to systematically and analytically describe individual institutes of media law in broadcasting, which in sum compose the legal framework of broadcasting in the Czech Republic. Diploma thesis contains systematic definition of broadcasting mainly from the viewpoint of general media theory, furthermore overview of the legal framework of the broadcasting itself. In the diploma thesis is evaluated the legislation concerning traditional broadcasting media and broadcasting through the internet. Diploma thesis furthermore contains chapter dedicated to regulation of broadcasting and regulatory bodies operating in the Czech Republic. The diploma thesis is concluded with a chapter dedicated to further possible developments in media law in the area of broadcasting mainly due to the proposed changes of individual laws.
Domain names in the Czech legal system
Kuba, Jaroslav ; Dobřichovský, Tomáš (advisor) ; Wünschová Pujmanová, Alexandra (referee)
Domain names in the Czech legal system The aim of this work is to introduce readers to the topic of domain names themselves with a necessary technical overlap, their legal regulation in the Czech legal framework, including a general analysis of particular legal institutes used for their protection (namely trademarks, unfair competition, name of an individual and name of a legal entity), and finally to outline the ways and development of the settlement of disputes arising from them before the judicial and extrajudicial bodies. The first chapter of the thesis covers the concept of domain names as such from a technical point of view. There is described the domain name function in the Internet and the domain name system as well, consisting of top level domains of different types with their specifics. Consequently are there through domain name registration covered domain name disputes in a global context, including the individual causes (types) of these disputes, and finally concludes with the description of a specific form of alternative dispute resolution called UDRP. The second, most extensive chapter is dedicated to the legal regulation of domain names in the Czech legal framework itself. The chapter begins with theoretical concept of domain names from the legal point of view and its historical...
The Internet and copyright-the scope of liability of individual parties involved and modes of protection against piracy
Szpyrc, Daniel ; Žikovská, Petra (advisor) ; Wünschová Pujmanová, Alexandra (referee)
The thesis titled "The Internet and copyright - the scope of liability of individual parties involved and modes of protection against piracy" deals with both, the protection of copyright and the scope of liability of various actors in the Internet environment. The content of the thesis is divided into four chapters, which allows the reader to be gradually acquainted with the whole issue. The first part briefly mentions development of the Internet network and its incorporation into the Czech legal order. The second chapter is devoted to the copyright protection in the Internet environment. Its content focuses on the most common methods of use of the author's work via the Internet, which is a reproduction of the work and its publication. This chapter further describes the development and operation of data sharing through peer-to-peer systems. Furthermore, it also deals with the issue of downloading of the work and application of the statutory exemption from liability for personal use only. The scope of liability in the Internet environment is largely harmonized by European provisions. For this reason, the third chapter contains the development phase of liability of the Internet services providers in the European countries. The first part of the third chapter demonstrates different approaches to the...
Collective administration of copyright and neighbouring and relating rights
Zapletalová, Eva ; Wünschová Pujmanová, Alexandra (advisor) ; Holcová, Irena (referee)
abbreviation "OSA") and other collective societies in the Czech Republic will be mentioned.
Unlawful use of a copyrighted work
Ryšánek, Martin ; Císařová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Wünschová Pujmanová, Alexandra (referee)
- Unauthorized use of copyright works The subject of the thesis is the phenomenon of unauthorized use of copyrighted works according to Czech applicable law having regard to the fact that the Czech law has its basis originating form the international law. Readers are presented with basic definitions in the topic. After that the thesis presents legal titles authorizing the use of copyrighted works. And finally, for those cases where these authorizing titles are absent, the thesis lists the basic liabilities, which might arise because of unauthorized use of copyrighted works. The thesis also includes some thoughts on confrontation of the Czech copyright law with the new civil code. It outlines some possible conceptual changes, which the new civil code might affect. Finally, the author briefly comments on the topic of current issues of unauthorized use of copyrighted works in the broader context. It is contemplated whether the current applicable legislation of the use of copyrighted works reflects the social reality and whether this legislation is set up appropriately. To support possible evaluation, readers are confronted with some selected alternative (so called academic) models.

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