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Proposals of the number of complaints reduction in the construction company
Džanajová, Patrícia ; Videcká, Zdeňka (referee) ; Bartes, František (advisor)
This master thesis put its focus on analysis that is based on the creation of complaints in the filed of the construction company that has been used for this research. The researched company core business activities lie in the construction and reconstruction of the roofs. This analysis is based on the comparison of already established procedures and consequently their actual execution. The shortcomings that were found in the analytical part of this research papers, will be used as suggestions that ought to improve the current situation of the researched company.
Production Line Process Optimizing
Vu Truong Quang, Duy ; Drobik,, Martin (referee) ; Videcká, Zdeňka (advisor)
In this bachelor thesis I deal with analysis and optimization of production line processes in the company Otis a.s., which deals with production of elevators and escalators. The thesis contains a detailed analysis of the current state, where the processes are described, when an anticoincident product is detected. Based on the outcomes of detailed analysis and bottleneck detection, a solution will be recommended to reduce the incidence of anticoincident products.
Optimizing the Assembly Line Process
Janíková, Dominika ; MBA, Barbora Hurbišová, (referee) ; Videcká, Zdeňka (advisor)
This Bachelor’s thesis focuses on analyzing of process optimization and instalation of manufacture in a chosen company. This bachelor thesis is devided into three parts, whereas the first part is targeted to theoretical basis. The second part continues with introduction of the company at the assembly process. In the third part, there will be a suggestion of changes, which can lead to lean manufacture process in the company.
Software Support of the Order Management Process
Gorodilova, Ekaterina ; Olga, Astakhova (referee) ; Videcká, Zdeňka (advisor)
The bachelor’s thesis focuses on the Order Management Process in the selected business company by using software support. In the analytical part the goal is to describe the organizational structure of a company, to create a process map, to identify weaknesses of the order process and analyze the related activities. There result of the thesis is an implementation of an internet portal that will help to optimize the order process activity. The proposal part also includes its subsequent evaluation.
Proposal for Monitoring Lifttrucks Refurbishment Process
Nitschneider, Richard ; Slimáček, Josef (referee) ; Videcká, Zdeňka (advisor)
The project elaborated proposal of comprehensive monitoring of the forklift reconditioning process at the regional refurbishment center for central and east Europe. The proposal aims to increase overall customer satisfaction. The choice of the specific form of monitoring was based on theoretical background and process analysis. Monitoring of process activities is carried out on the basis of barcodes and scanning devices, which are able to distinguish the date and specific time. The proposal results are an overall customer overview increase within process, customer satisfaction increase and support improvement of managing and decision making.
Software Support of Production Planning
Vaculková, Petra ; Kochwasser, Libor (referee) ; Videcká, Zdeňka (advisor)
This Master´s thesis analyzes the software support of production planning in 2VV Ltd., which deals with manufacturing and suppling air conditioning systems as are air curtains, ventilation units and ventilation products. This thesis is divided into three parts. The theoretical part describes the theoretical base of manufacturing, production planning process and its software support. The analytical part contains global analysis and critical analysis of the current status of order processing and production planning with software support and its results. The last part lists possible improvements of production planning in the company.
Process Optimization in Services
Javůrková, Lucie ; Souček, Jiří (referee) ; Videcká, Zdeňka (advisor)
This Bachelor´s thesis focuses on analysis of process optimization and instalation of services in particular company. Thesis contains common characteristic of process and focuses on improving of customer service. Thesis describes process maping and detail description in operation department and customer service. This project offers iprovement in process with goal to achieve higher quality and customers´happines.
Improvement of the Production Process at Engineering Company
Plánka, František ; Běťáková, Jana (referee) ; Videcká, Zdeňka (advisor)
This thesis deals with the analysis of business processes in the company Zamet. Attention is paid to the mapping of specific contracts and specifications in the processing and subsequent suggestions for improvement. The proposal should lead to improvement of assembly production orders .
Optimization of Production Processes
Bujok, David ; Horký, Štěpán (referee) ; Videcká, Zdeňka (advisor)
The subject of this bachelor thesis is to create a plan to optimize production processes in Restaurant Café 50 as well as implementing the plan into production. In this case implementation of IS. The analytic part contains detection of the actual state of the company. In the practical part I will apply my research on the current case.
Design of a Production Planning Support in the Information System
Slámová, Aneta ; Kurucová, Šárka (referee) ; Videcká, Zdeňka (advisor)
The topic of my bachelor thesis is the proposal of production planning support in the information system of the company SIK METAL s.r.o. with the focus on software support of processes. It deals with the creation of a proposal to improve the production planning with the support of the company information system, based on the analysis of the current state of production management in the given company and their evaluation. The first part contains the theoretical background for my work. The second, analytical part, deals with the introduction of the company SIK METAL, s.r.o. and the analysis of the chosen processes in the company. The third part contains my own proposal of production planning support in the information system of the company together with the actual evaluation of the proposal.

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