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Analysis of the use of Stirling engines in power engineering
Podolák, Petr ; Toman, Filip (referee) ; Škorpík, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is designed to acquaint reader with Stirling engines and their applications. The main aim of the first part is general overview. The purpose of the second part is to present current usage as well as ongoing research projects. It the third part the ecological and economical impacts of Stirling engines are discussed.
Waste-to-Energy in the Czech Republic
Rajkovič, Jaroslav ; Toman, Filip (referee) ; Lachman, Jakub (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis is focused on Waste-to-Energy process of municipal waste in the Czech republic. It describes production of municipal waste in the Czech republic, influence of waste composition on burning process and principle of incineration technology. The largest attention is paid to current Waste-to-Energy plants in the Czech republic and new planned projects. Last part of the thesis evaluates fulfilment of Waste management plan of the Czech republic goals.
Heating options of a house
Veselý, Přemysl ; Baláš, Marek (referee) ; Toman, Filip (advisor)
The bachelors thesis deals with the topic of heating possibilities of family houses. The work is divided into two parts. The first chapter deals with the search for heat sources used in local central Europe conditions. The practical part deals with economic calculation and economic assessment for used heat sources. Its aim is assess the correct economic intensity of resources used for different family houses, divided by heat loss.
Design of house heating
Řezáč, Patrik ; Elbl, Patrik (referee) ; Toman, Filip (advisor)
The topic of this bachelor thesis is the design of heat source for my house. For this reason, I divided the work into three parts. The first part is a research of the most common sources intended for heating family houses. In the next part of my work is devoted to the calculation of heat loss of the object according to the drawing documentation. In finale section I make economical comparison of solid fuel boiler and heat pump.
Design of heat pump
Daxner, Ján ; Lachman, Jakub (referee) ; Toman, Filip (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to design the main components of the heat pump on the basis of specified parameters. The first theoretical part is an introduction to the problem of heat pumps. It describes types of heat pumps, energy sources and their advantages and disadvantages. In the second calculation part, the calculation was performed according to the entered parameters on the basis of which the heat pump components were suitably selected.
Heat recovery from waste water
Paulíková, Kateřina ; Sitek, Tomáš (referee) ; Toman, Filip (advisor)
The aim of the Bachelor’s Thesis is to discuss the view of wastewater as a source of thermal energy. The thesis is divided into three main chapters. The first chapter aims to acquaint with the issue of wastewater. The analysis of systems for heat recovery from wastewater is summarized in the following chapter. Also there is a focus on systems installed directly at the generation of wastewater, inserted into the sewerage pipes and finally the creation of thermal energy in wastewater treatment plants. All mentioned systems are built to be economical and ecological efficient as possible. Finally, the last chapter includes an overall evaluation of the systems.
Heat recovery
Kovaříček, Jakub ; Toman, Filip (referee) ; Baláš, Marek (advisor)
This work deals with the design of a heat exchanger for the use of the heat of the gas generated during the gasification of biomass. The gas flowing in the tubular space of the exchanger will be cooled to the required temperature by the air flowing in the intermediate tube space. It is therefore a gas-air bundle exchanger, the outlet air temperature of which is unknown. The introductory part includes an overview of possible designs of exchangers according to several parameters, requirements for exchangers and their functions. The second part deals with the design of the exchanger itself, starting with the determination of physical and other properties of working media, through geometric parameters, the balance of the exchanger and finally the determination of pressure losses of the exchanger.
Cold production and trigeneration
Jordanov, Alexandr ; Toman, Filip (referee) ; Kracík, Petr (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis is recherché dealing with cool production. The aim of this thesis is present the main cooling system, their comparison, practical realisations, describe laws, which should cooling systems accomplish and assess influence on the environment. The first two chapters are about cogeneration and trigeneration. The main part of the thesis is focused on different methods of cooling, their advantages, disadvantages and their influence on the environment. Because of refrigerants in cooling systems, which have negative impact on health and environment, is part of the thesis dealing with law. At the conclusion of the bachelor thesis is the assessment of cooling systems and their forward-looking perspective present.
Heating the House by a Heat Pump
Najbrtová, Zuzana ; Sitek, Tomáš (referee) ; Toman, Filip (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the issue of heating a house by a heat pump. It has two parts: The theoretical part describes the principle of heat pump and its types, according to the source of low-potential energy used. The practical part outlines the dimensioning of the heat pump, based on the calculation of the heat loss of the selected building. Finally, the economic-technical comparison of the heat pump and the gas boiler is drawn.
Design of Heat Pump
Křepela, Radim ; Elbl, Patrik (referee) ; Toman, Filip (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis was basic research in the field of heat pumps. Calculations for heating of domestic hot water were done afterward. The theoretical part describes basic principles of heat pumps and covers a wide range of currently used types of heat pumps. Heat pumps are categorized by the environment from which the heat is taken out of. The experimental part contains calculations and selection of commercially available main components. Components were chosen based on the ability to heat 1000 L of hot domestic water from 20 to 50 °C in 4 hours.

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