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Wage agenda and it's processing in various accounting programs for PC
This thesis investigates into the processing of remunerations using two different computer programs - OKmzdy and Money S3. The theoretical part of the thesis introduces both programs, their operating systems and the ways how new employees are included into the database and how the remunerations are processed. The process of monthly balance and final paying off are also described in this part of the work. The practical part consists of a case study, where remunerations of two hypothetical employees working in a big company are processed for the period of January 2007. First of them is paid a monthly salary and has the benefit of using a company{\crq}s car for private purposes. This employee was ill during January and furthermore claims a tax deduction for he has two kids. The other employee is a woman, who is paid an hourly wage and who handed over a notice to the date of 31.3.2007. This employee had some vacation in January and her wage is regularly abridged by execution. Both the employees are provided either with lunches or with eating vouchers and with a contribution to their retirement insurance. The remuneration calculations are processed in both tested programs and the results are compared with regard to their compliance with legislation and the quality and price of the documentation and of the printed outputs. The conclusion sums up the findings, compares both the programs and disputes their pros and cons. The Money S3 program was found to wrongly calculate the tax bonus, to be rather work-intensive and to demand more professional knowledge of the user.

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1 Svatošová, Hana
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