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Medieval and modern Crypts on the area of Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia
Solárová, Petra ; Slivka, Michal (advisor) ; Bednár, Peter (referee)
1 Abstrakt The Master's thesis deals with medieval and modern crypts on the territory of Czech, Moravia and Slovakia. The aim is to review the examined crypts, which have already been published. This Master's thesis is divided into three parts. In the first part, the overview of research and methodology work are summarized. Following parts are dedicated to evaluation of crypts on examined territory - to correct understanding of their meaning, architecture and funeral facility. The third part includes a processed catalog of archaellogically examined crypts. Keywords crypt, church, funeral, architecture, coffin
Customer engagement in marketing management
The dissertation is focused on customer engagement which is defined as a certain activity when a company creates convenient possibilities and opportunities actively in order to involve customers who will be willing to express themselves to chosen companies' matters. It is obvious that it depends on the customers, whether they will participate or not. Both the company and the customer must be able to identify certain value that they obtain for them through their activity. The main goal of the thesis was creating a proposal in the form of a methodology, how to implement the chosen way of customer engagement with regard to the marketing management of retail companies. For purposes of the dissertation, the chosen way of customer engagement was obtaining customer feedback. During research interviews with entrepreneurs and managers, it was found out that it is just customer feedback that is one of the important topics in retail. In order to fulfil the main goal, the basis was a transposition of both theoretical pieces of knowledge and newly gained findings from own empirical research, concerning customer engagement within entrepreneurial subject's management. There were three partial goals that present a sequence of steps how to fulfil the mentioned main goal: (A) to identify particular ways of customer engagement in retail, (B) to find out how the chosen way of customer engagement is used in business practice in retail, and (C) to determine links between marketing management and the chosen way of customer engagement. There were used data from entrepreneurial subjects in retail and from customers as well. The result of fulfilling the main goal is the created methodology, how to work with customer feedback. It has three main sections: obtaining, processing and using of customer feedback. It is possible to consider the created methodology as a set of recommended directions for use how to develop and deepen relationships with customers. It is also an answer to the behaviour of contemporary customers who are not only passive receivers but they are active creators and influencers of actions around them.
Proposal of external communication for the Robert Bosch company, spol. s r. o.
My diploma thesis deals with external communication with a view to public relations. It´s applied on Robert Bosch company, spol. s r. o., Ceske Budejovice. The main objective was creating an own proposal of external communication for year 2012, aimed at one interest group of the company. This group includes university students with technical and economic specialization = potential future employees of the company. In my proposal there are some suitable elements from new trends in marketing communication (viral marketing, guerilla marketing, event marketing).
New trends in marketing communication
The target of my bachelor work was the analysis of new trends in marketing communication and my own suggestion for the NEOTECH company, a. s. (established in Písek). My suggestions are drawn from new trends in marketing communication for NEOTECH´s specific product: a computer service for their customers. There are listed estimated economic impacts of this kind of communication and there given costs for the implementation my suggestions.

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