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Flat House in Medlánka
Sláma, Miroslav ; Novotný, Miloslav (referee) ; Novotný, Miloslav (advisor)
This bachelor thesis concerns project of small apartment building in Brno Medlanky, Hudcova street. The apartment building has 3 floors, there are 8 garages, 6 apartmens and 2 studios. The structural system is made of brick made of ceramic fittings and reinforced concrete bearing walls. The ceilings are assembled from ceramic fittings and reinforced concrete staircase. The roof is flat single-skinned. The work is elaborated in the form of project documentation for execution of construction according number 405/2017.
Návrh na vylepšení webové prezentace města Velké Bílovice
Sláma, Miroslav
Sláma, M. Proposal for improvement the town website of Velké Bílovice. Bachelor thesis. Brno: MUAF, 2014. Bachelor thesis is focused on publicity of the town on the internet. The most im-portant part is focused on analysis of the current state of the web site through the use of subjective analysis and mainly of two questionnaire surveys. The aim is to suggest a new structure of website to be clearer and more attractive both for residents and especially for visitors.
(Proposal for ecological monitoring of the restored Hučina floodplain (Šumava National Park)
SLÁMA, Miroslav
The aim of this work was to design long-term monitoring of vegetation and environmental factors which would document the effect of the planned revitalization of Hučina brook floodplain. In order to monitor the dynamics of plant communities the system of permanent plots have been designed and established. Visual estimation of cover or graphical methods were proposed for the monitoring of the development of the moss and herb layers. The method of basal cover is considered best for the monitoring of the development of the tree layer. Mapping of plant communites should be made in the form of direct mapping. The monitored water characteristics should include the groundwater level, water conductivity and pH. Beneficial additional measurement comprise estimation of total NH4+, PO43-, NO32-, SO42-, Mg2+, Ca2+, total Fe, K+, Na+, humic acids and total organic carbon (TOC). The important soil characteristics include actual soil moisture content (Wmom), the maximum capillary capacity (MKK), water-holding capacity (RVK24), bulk density, porosity and soil organic matter. In addition to the monitoring design, this work brings data on vegetation composition gathered by direct mapping and measurement of the breast height diameter of trees.
Effect of fertilization on primary production of a herbaceous wetland stand
SLÁMA, Miroslav
The bachelor thesis is part of the project GA CR 526/09/1545, which explores the relationship between the carbon cycle, soil and wetland plants in varying conditions of external environment. Within this project total abovengroud biomass produktion was evaluated at the site Hamerské louky in the floodplain of the river Nežárka. Effect of fertilization on these sites is investigated since the beginning of the growing season 2006. On average, the highest biomass yield (all live and dead biomass except litterfall) from the first sampling (10.6.2009) was reached on the site with high-intensity fertilization (494,89 g.m-2). The highest living biomass yield was also reached on the site with high-intensity fertilization (on average 443,88 gm-2). The highest biomass of the stubble from the first sampling was recorded on sites without fertilization (107,14 g.m-2) as well as litterfall (56,05 g.m-2). The difference between treatments were not statistically singnificant. Annual production of aboveground biomass was 823.99 gm-2 in variants with high-intensity fertilization, 642.64 gm-2 in slightly variant fertilization and 698.14 gm-2 in variants without fertilization

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