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Social integration of immigrants and the attitude of the native population in European countries
Sargsyan, Vahan
In this paper, I focus on the relationships between the attitude of the native population towards\nimmigrants and immigration (ATII) in 20 European countries and the level of social integration\nand perceived discrimination of first and second generation immigrants in those countries. The\nstringency of naturalization policies in the host countries is also taken into consideration as a\nmechanism of the development of these relationships. The results confirm that a country’s naturalization policies fairly represent most ATII indicators, and that immigrants feel less discriminated against in more welcoming societies. However, no systematic relationship was revealed between the attitude of the native population and the social integration of immigrants. On the other hand, the results suggest lower perceived discrimination and higher social integration of first generation immigrants in countries where the naturalization status of immigrants is more secured, and the possibility of dual nationality is more restricted. The results also show that the perceived discrimination of immigrants does not decline with the duration of residence in the host countries, but the latter revealed a positive relationship with the social integration of immigrants.\n
Treatment-related naturalization premiums in two European countries: evaluation and comparison
Sargsyan, Vahan
We conduct an empirical study in order to estimate the impact of naturalization on labor market\nintegration of first generation immigrants in two European countries, France and Denmark. The\nstudy contributes to the existing literature by: (1) comparing the employment opportunities and\nincomes of naturalized and non-naturalized migrants in European labor markets to those of the\nnative population, and (2) attempting to estimate the impact of characteristics of a country’s\ncitizenship policy on this relationship. The results suggest the existence of high naturalization premiums and full socioeconomic integration of naturalized migrants in France, a country with relatively soft naturalization policies, but not for Denmark, which has strict naturalization policies.

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