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The Problematics of Unemployment Juvenile Persons in the Písek District
This bachelor's thesis deals with the problematics of unemployment by target group of juvenile persons aged 15 - 17 in the Písek District. The unemployment is a very serious social, psychological, economic and political problem not only for society as a whole, but also for separate individuals. The assertion of people in the labour market is conditioned by a whole range of characteristics, such as age, health condition, education, personality premisses, sexes and similar categories. Juveniles, who try to apply for their first job, are in comparison with others job seekers considerably disadvantaged, because they haven't got vocational education, necessary qualification, practical experiences, basic work habits and neither do they fulfil employer's requirements in general. Considering their low age they have also many working restrictions arising from the Labour Code, which protect juveniles against harm to their health and development. In the theoretical part of bachelor's thesis I targeted primarily on the explanation of basic concepts concerning unemployment, for example active and passive employment policy, tools of the active employment policy, special kinds of unemployment, unemployment compensation, the European Social Fund, the European Regional Development Fund etc. I also paid attention to the consequences of unemployment, employment of juvenile employees, the current state of unemployment juvenile persons and options, which can be solution to their unemployment. The goal of the practical part of the bachelor's thesis was to find out, the reason why employers don't prefer juvenile employees. Based on a set goal one main hypothesis and three partial hypotheses were created. By using the questionnaire survey the set goal was achieved. The main hypothesis and the partial hypothesis "H1" haven't been confirmed on the basis of the obtained data. Two partial hypotheses "H2" and "H3" have been confirmed.
Retrospective bibliography in the Czech Lands in the pre-modern period and in the 19th century
Peroutková, Lenka ; Marek, Jindřich (advisor) ; Šípek, Richard (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis was to describe the development of retrospective bibliography in the Czech lands in pre-modern period and in the 19th century. It summarizes pieces of knowledge about selected bibliographies, mainly about Klíč by Antonín Koniáš and Historie literatury české by Josef Jungmann. It will deal with content and form of bibliography. In this bachelor thesis I will also analyze the attitude to foreing bibliographies.

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2 Peroutková, Lenka
1 Peroutková, Leona
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