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Electronic clinical study management system with artificial intelligence-based data processing capabilities
Mužný, Miroslav ; Mužík, Jan (advisor) ; Štěpánková, Olga (referee) ; Ngo, Phuong Dinh (referee)
An increasing amount of data are collected through wearable devices during ambulatory, and long-term monitoring of biological signals, adoption of persuasive technology and dynamics of clinical trials information sharing - all of that changes the possible clinical intervention. Moreover, more and more smartphone apps are hitting the market as they become a tool in daily life for many people around the globe. All of these applications are generating a tremendous amount of data, that is difficult to process using traditional methods, and asks for engagement of advanced methods of data processing. For recruiting patients, this calls for a shift from traditional methods of engaging patients to modern communication platforms such as social media, that are providing easy access to up- to-date information on an everyday basis. These factors make the clinical study progression demanding, in terms of unified participant management and processing of connected digital resources. Some clinical trials put a strong accent on remote sensing data and patient engagement through their smartphones. To facilitate this, a direct participant messaging, where the researchers give support, guidance and troubleshooting on a personal level using already adopted communication channels, needs to be implemented. Since the...
Use of biological feedback during training of postural regulation
Papáček, Roman ; Mužík, Jan (advisor) ; Jiřina, Marcel (referee)
The thesis focuses on the study of the impact of visual stimuli from virtual reality scenes and on influencing and training postural stability in patients after brain damage. It endeavours to inform comprehensively about the substantial facts related to this topic and widen the possibilities of an objective evaluation of postural stability and this eliminate the risk of a subjective mistake made by a physiotherapist. In the course of the work I have used a number of virtual reality scenes through which I measured and evaluated both static and dynamic labour of the tested people with their own centre of mass. The process of positioning was scanned by Wii Balance Board and the data were recorded with the help of a specially designed computer application "Rehabilitation in virtual reality". It was necessary to create two groups of people tested. A group of healthy probands of 50 in number and a group of patients comprising 3 members. In one part, the recorded data represented the figures of centre deflection (in millimetres), and in the other part, the number of points gained during the measuring. The results of both parts were then processed into well-arranged tables which also involve the basic statistic quantities, and they are presented in the form of graphs. In the conclusion, the thesis verifies...

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